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Unless your Basketball team has rules and regulations against gray colored clothing, then yes, you surely can practice in a gray shirt during basketball. There is no reason not to.

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Q: Can you practice if you gray shirt in basketball?
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What shirt color will match your gray pants and gray shoes?

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What color shirt will match light gray pants?

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Can you wear a gray shirt with brown pants?

You can wear a gray shirt with brown pants, but you might want a real light gray or try a green shirt with brown pants might be better.

What do you wear when you are discus throwing?

your school uniform or if its just for practice. spandex or basketball shorts and a loose shirt, and also throwing shoes if you have them.

What are the basketball tricks?

Practice! Practice! Practice!

What colors match gray shoes?

a grey shirt or a gray pants.

Can you wear blue pants with a gray shirt?

Yes, for years a gray suit with a blue shirt have been the standard in business attire. This has evolved to any combination of gray pants and blue shirt, blue pants and gray shirt, etc. This is one of the most popular color combinations in the American society.

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