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it depends wot sort of sports football you can do but Rugby could be a bad option if u play in the scrum

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โˆ™ 2010-08-28 16:55:51
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Q: Can you play sports with a buckle fracture to your finger?
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Can you play sports with a buckle fracture?

I have one and I have to say, It would be pretty hard to play sports. You still *might* be able to, but I wouldn't try it.

Can you play sports with a hairline fracture to the wrist?

It's bad to play any kind of sport with any kind of injury. Unless you are trying to do series ~ perminent damage.

Can you do all sports with a fractured wrist?

Depends on how bad the fracture is. But it might cause you some discomfort, try not to play but if your team needs you then go for it.

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