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Q: Can you play more than one sport in college?
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What sport do more people play than any other in the world?


Is it easier to earn a collage scholarships if you play more than one sport?


Can you play In college football for more than 4 years?

Yes you can

On average how many people play golf?

millions...more than any other sport

What sport that take more than two people to play?

Football Baseball Hockey Basketball Soccer

What is the average amount of students that play more than one sport at a time?

70 out of 100 i think

How many college athletes play proffessional sports?

very few college athletes will ever play professionally in their paticular sport. For the main sports like basketball, football, etc. less than 2 percent of the college athletes will go pro.

How sport started?

I would be more than happy to answer your question! However, it does look like we need some more clarity. Are you referring to a certain sport and how that might have come to start? Or what year a certain sport had come into play?

Who is Andy what sport doe play for?

you are more than likely referring to andy roddick and he is an american tennis star

Is squash more popular than tennis?

the vegtable or sport if it is the sport than no if it is the vegtable than yes

Do more kids play video game or sport?

In the U.S., video games are played for more person-hours, by kids, than sports are.

What sports did Ulysses S. Grant play?

He didn't play sports. Back then, there were no sports. There was horse riding but that was more of a military thing than a sport.

Has anyone ever been in more than one sport in the same Olympics?

some players in 2000 olympic have played for more than 1 discipline. it is legal to play in more than one event

Are there more sport fans than there are sport players in Puerto Rico?


What is the age limit for college sports?

There is no age limit for participating in college athletics. Typically, once a student begins their college education they have 5 years of eligibility to play a college sport, for no more than 4 years total. Of course, other limitations exist, such as GPA requirements, minimum credit hour requirements, etc.

Is its fair that men get paid more to play sport than women at an elite level?

Yes, Men's sports bring in a LOT more money than womens sports.

What do people do for entertainment today?

it is probaly soccer..... i think more people play soccer in this world than anyother sport

Do kids in Germany play any other sport than soccer?

its football and yes at least tennis lots more.

Is quad ball a sport?

It is a sport but you would not see it on TV. It is more of a recreational sport than a competitive sport.

Is baseball more manly than soccer?

No, baseball is a boring sport that only the Americans play. Football (soccer) is much more popular and 'manly'.

Do Indians play cricket or watch cricket?

Yes, Indian play and watch cricket. Cricket is more than a sport in India. People consider it as a religion.

What is the hardest sport?

Swimming is the hardest sport. You do more kicks than a soccer player, more flips than a cheerleader, more sets than a volleyball player, and more yards than a football player.

Is trampolinig a team or individual sport?

It Is More Of A Individual Sport Than Not,But Some Time's It Is A Team Sport.

How many people play paintball in the US?

Currently there are about 10.4 million participants of the sport of paintball in the U.S. That is more than baseball!!

Name a sport that takes more than two people to play?

Softball, baseball, football, soccer, lacross, basketball, etc.