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Earvin "Magic" Johnson did it in 1995-1996

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Q: Can you play in nba with hiv?
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Which legendary NBA player has HIV?

Magic Johnson

How to get in the NBA?

First you join High School basketball and then if a college likes how you play they draft after that you play college basketball. After that you can decide if want to go in the NBA draft. When you go in the NBA draft if a NBA team likes they will pick to play for the team. After that you can play in the NBA.

Tallest woman in NBA?

No women play in the NBA.

Does magic Johnson have HIV?

Yes, he got diagnosed after a drugs test just before the 1991-2 NBA season.Yes, Magic is HIV positive.Yes

What NBA team did Alvin Gentry play for?

Alvin Gentry did not play in any NBA team. He has only coached NBA teams.

Did a female ever play NBA?

Not in the NBA. In the WNBA, yes.

What does 'DNP' mean in the NBA?

In the NBA, DNP stands for Did Not Play.

Can you play in collage in NBA 2k12?

No it is only nba teams

What does dnp in the NBA mean?

In the NBA, DNP stands for Did Not Play.

How can you get to play for the NBA?


Did magic Johnson play basketball with AIDS?

He does not have AIDS, he has HIV. Yes he did play with HIV. He announced his retirement in November but he was voted to the All star game and played even though some teammates thought it was a big risk for contamination. In addition he played for the Dream Team and tried to stage an NBA comeback a few years later

Who was the first African American to play in the NBA?

Earl Lloyd was the first african american to play in the NBA

Does Justin Bieber play on NBA basketball team?

yes he did play on the NBA team and he was playing on TV

How many games do NBA teams play?

NBA teams play 82 games in the regular season.

What is the height limit to play in the NBA?

There is no height limit to be in the NBA as long as you can play and match with the other players.

How is magic Johnson with his HIV positive?

his HIV is at an undetectable level that was how he was able to coach and play basketball.

Could girls play in the NBA?

no, they play in the wnba

Can you play for in the NBA if your from UK?

Yes, the NBA has players from many countries.

How long did Magic Johnson play in the NBA?

How long did Magic Johnson play in the NBA? he played for 13 years

Who was the only girl to play in the NBA?

The only lady ever to play in the NBA is a lady named Jane Martin.

Who is the shortest player ever play in the NBA?

At 5'3", Muggsy Bogues is the shortest player ever to play in the NBA.

What education is required to play NBA basketball?

At least one year of college is required to play NBA basketball

Did Adam Guier play NBA?


What age do you have to be to play in the nba?


What is the oldest you can be to play in the NBA?