Can you play football on the Kinect?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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No one really knows yet but I bet one of the new Madden games will work with it.

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Q: Can you play football on the Kinect?
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Can you play regular xbox 360 games and Kinect games on an xbox 360 Kinect?

you can only play kinect games on the kinect

What football game is better motion sports or Kinect sports?

Kinect Sports!

Can you play Xbox games on the Xbox 360 Kinect?

You cannot play xbox 360 games which are not designed for kinect on kinect. You are able to tell whether a game is designed for kinect by a logo which says either 'better with kinect sensor' or 'requires kinect sensor'

Which kinect do you need to play kinect star wars?

The Kinect for Xbox 360

Can you play Xbox 360 on the Kinect?

no but u can play xbox 360 games on the kinect

Can you play skylanders on a xbox Kinect?

Skylanders does not require Kinect.

Do you need the Kinect Sensor to play KINECT games?

ya dats the hole point of kinect

How do you play xbox live with the Kinect game dance central?

You can not play xbox live with kinect

Can you play sports on Kinect?

Yes, the game is called Kinect Sports.

Can you play Guitar Hero on a Kinect system?

You can play as the singer using the kinect sensor, but its not very good

Do you have to have a Xbox 360 to play Xbox Kinect?

Yes you do. Every Xbox 360 console created will be compatible with the Kinect, but you cannot play Kinect without one.

Can the new Xbox 360 Kinect play Xbox games?

you can play xbox games with kinect plugged in but unless the game sais on it that its for kinect it wont work with it.