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No that is probaly to small for even a stand up defensive end. Recomended height and weight for a jv defensive end is 5'10+ and 165+. I would know im a jv de at 6'2 and 190. However you could still try out olb, db, or hybrid/strong safety, if you want to still get a piece of the action.

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Q: Can you play defensive end if your 5 foot 4 and weight 140 pounds on a JV high school football team?
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What is the average weight of a defensive lineman in the NFL?

In 2004 the average weight for a defensive lineman was 300+ pounds

What is the average weight of a freshman high school football player?

2 pounds

Average weight for freshman in high school football players?

1001 pounds

What is the average weight of all the football equipment a high school player wears?

The average weight of all football pads and other equipment for a high school football player is around 25 pounds. The helmet itself weighs around 2.5 to 3 pounds.

Average weight for a football player?

The average weight for a high school football player in the United States is about 250 pounds. This is because these players have a lot of muscle.

Average football player weight?

The average weight of a football player is about 300 pounds. This weight can vary greatly based on the person.

What is the average weight of a defensive end?

College Player: 6' 3" 245LB + pounds NFL: 6'4" 250lbs + pounds

What is the weight of full high school football equipment Shoulder thigh knee hip butt pads helmet and cup?

its about 20 pounds

What is the Weight of a school desk?

A school desk weighs about 35 pounds.

How much does a Nerf football weigh?

The Nerf football will vary on weight, depending on the size you have chosen. The weight of a Nerf football varies between 12 ounces and 7 pounds.

Weight of a shotput?

Middle School is 6-8 pounds, High School is 8-12 pounds, and college and professional is 16 pounds.

What is the weight sparq nike Powerball at football combine?

8 or 10 pounds.

What position should you play in high school football if you weight 203 pounds I'm not slow I'm 6 'ft 1'in and i squat 315 and i bench 210 and i clean 185 I'm 16 years old?

play defensive end or tight end if you want to play offense and you can catch

What is the weight of a school bus?

13 to 15 thousand pounds

What is the weight of the football in grams?

a high school football weighs 15 to 16 ounces American.

What is the weight of the mens hammer in the hammer throw?

The weight of the hammer is 16 pounds. For high school and master's competition it is 12 pounds.

How much does a youth football quarterback weight?

On average, A middle school football quarterback weighs from 100-115 lbs for grades 7-8. For youth football, check with your league or school for the weight and height regulations

You are 6ft 10 and weight 410 pounds could you make it into nfl?

Height and weight doesn't determine a football player. It's their skill. Tiki Barber, a great running back, was under 5'11. If your 6 ft 10 and 410 pounds you have a really good chance as a linebacker or as someone on either the defensive or offensive line, but you have to have the skill.

What do you do if your team mate is 2 pounds over weight when playing football?

Tell the coach

What is the Weight for High School Football Player?

that depends what position you play.

D3 college football i'm 5'6 and 180 pounds should I walk on for a D3 football school?

Follow your dreams, yes get in the weight room eat right and work hard and it's more than possible

What is the average weight of a 13 year old defensive end?

When I was a defensive end in 7th grade I was 5"11 and 200 pounds but I was the best player on the team now I am playing for Alabama university

If you are 11 and you're 4'10 and a half and you weigh 85 pounds is it the right weight?

No you are not the right weight my son is physically healthy, he plays football and basketball and he weighs 94 pounds.

The weight of football players is normally distributed with a mean of 200 pounds and a standard deviation of 25 pounds. What is the minimum weight of the middle 95 percent of the players?

151 lbs

How much does a football weight?

It depends on the level of play, college and high school balls are different weight