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Yes as long as it is not a ruck where the tackled player must release the ball allowing players from both sides who are still on their feet (but they will be bending over) to fight for the ball. In Rugby Union and League the ball may only be passed from the hands of the carrier in a backward or adjacent direction i.e. to any player behind their back foot or directly level to them (this is really difficult as the ball can be seen to be going forward and therefore is a foul).

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Q: Can you pass off the floor in rugby union?
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What is similar between rugby union and rugby league?

you cant pass the ball forward- 13 positions are the same (league does not have flankers - wing forwards) passing back only knock on offenses trys drop goals penalty goals kick off

Which of these rugby union positoins wears the highest jersey number?

Number 10 in the union code and number6 in league (league calls it a stand off half)

Adaptations of rugby union in different countries?

The rules of Union are standard across the world and follow IRB Regulations. However, there are some versions of the game which have been developed to encourage interaction.These are just someMini rugby (for 7 to 10 yr olds)Touch rugby - non contact version of the game and is fastTag rugby - where a velcro tag hangs from a play and is pull off to signal a tackleWomen's rugby - not adjustments there - indeed some of these game can get very physicalRugby 7's

How many types of rugby play?

Five Union, League, , Sevens, Mini and touch rugby. There is also a different form of rugby being played in the southern Hemisphere than the Northern. ELV's or Experimental Law Variations were used in this seasons Super 14 (2008)

Is it a scrum if the ball is kicked straight out from a kick off?

In rugby union, a kick-off directly into touch on the full usually results in a scrum for the receiving team on the centre of the halfway line, but the receiving team has three options: the scrum, a line-out on halfway, or they can even choose to have the opposition kick-off again. In rugby league, a kick-off into touch on the full results in a penalty.

What is a bounce pass in basketball?

A bounce pass in basketball is a way of getting the ball to another player without passing it directly to them through the air. Rather, the ball is bounced off the floor to the other player.

What sport begins with a storke-off?


What is the start of a rugby match called?

Kick off.

What does Off the floor and out the door means?

Get out. Get your feet and body off of the floor and get out of the door.

In hockey what is the equivalent of a rugby scrum?


In rugby what is the equivalent of a hockey face-off?


How many people were on one rugby team in victorions?

Originally around 1823 when the game first started off and was not formalised the game was played in Rugby School. Teams here were often uneven and contained as many as 80 players on one side and 40 on another, When the game was formalised in 1863 there were 20 a side allocated this was then reduced to 15 a side for union - When the Northern UK clubs spilt from the Union to form the Rugby league these people dropped the position of the 2 flankers making a team of 13 on the pitch at one time