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Yes, you may decline a penalty under certain conditions.

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Q: Can you pass a penalty in football?
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Does pass interference count as a passing attempt in football?

If the penalty is accepted, it is no catch. If the penalty is declined, yes, the pass attempt counts.

It is allowed to pass at a penalty in football?

There is no rule to forbidd this so yes it is allowed

How many yards is the offense penalized for pass interference?

In college football, the penalty is 15 yards. In the NFL, the penalty is 10 yards.

What is the penalty for intimidation in netball?

Penalty pass or Penalty pass/shot, depending on where you are on court.

Professional football words?

Pass, rush, yards, interception, fumble, penalty, tackle, helmet, touchdown

Is faceguarding in college football a penalty?

Yes faceguarding is a penalty in college football

Football words that begin with the letter p?

Player Penalty punt play-off pick-off pass

What is the penalty for offensive pass interference in high school football?

OPI is a 15yd penalty, against team A. It is penalized 15 yds from the previous spot, and a loss of down.

If someone playing football puts the football in their pants and runs what penalty will be called?

There is no penalty for that

What is a penalty pass in net ball?

You get a penalty pass, where the other player who fouled you stands next to you or you if you are in the D, you can have a penalty shot.

Is there a football penalty intent to deceive?

There is no evidence that such a penalty exists in any football league currently.

What is the penalty for short pass in netball?

The penalty for a short pass in Netball is a turnover to the opposing team.

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