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none you just have to know the rules of football and the hand signals of the penalties

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Q: What qualifications must an official have in football?
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What qualifications are needed to become a football ref?

One must be blind, deaf, dumb, and appreciates booing directed at him/her.

What qualifications do you need to be a groundsman at a football club?

To make trap and pass and to shot the tagert at stamin on your chest and you must have a muscle

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A Wilson Official Leather NCAA Game Football

What qualifications are needed to become a football manager?

Hello, I am from England and i want to become a football manager< but i dont know what qualifications i need

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Wilson is the official football.

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Qualifications for football manager?

When you reach 16 start taking the fa coaching courses,which can be found on the fa website on the get into football sectionthen on the coaches sectionm, a number of them must be taken and the must for anyone wishing to be a premiership manager is the UEFA pro license

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When was Tom Dooley - American football official - born?

Tom Dooley - American football official - was born in 1934.

When did Tom Kelleher - American football official - die?

Tom Kelleher - American football official - died in 2011.

When was Tom Kelleher - American football official - born?

Tom Kelleher - American football official - was born in 1926.

When was John Parry - American football official - born?

John Parry - American football official - was born in 1965.

What qualifications do you need to be a professional footballer?

you need to be good at football.

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Qualifications for joining Freemasons is you must believe in God, and not have a criminal record.

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What qualifications must an office manager have?


What are the Personal qualifications to being a nfl football player?

a positive attitude

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arsenal football club official website

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What is a line judge?

all I can find................. ThesaurusLegend: Synonyms Related Words Antonyms Noun 1. line judge - football official who assists the referee by keeping track of the official time during the game football official - an official who enforces the rules at a football game...

What are the qualifications a the Illinois legislature?

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