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From Track and Field: discus, javelin and shot put.

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Q: Can you name three Olympic events in which the competitors must throw an object?
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What are the two Olympic events involve the competitors to go backwards?

I think there are three: swimming (backstroke), rowing, and high jump.

What are three events in the Summer Olympic Games?

Three events in the Summer Olympic Games include: - Aquatics - Equestrian - Fencing

What are the three olympic snowboarding events called?

The three olympic snowboarding events are: snowboard cross, halfpipe, and parallel giant slalom.

An olympic event containing 3 events?

An Olympic event containing three events is called a "Triathlon."

What are the three men only Olympic events?

Team sprint in track cycling

How many worlds in Mario and sonic at the winter olympic games?

Six. Three in Winter island (Frostown, Polastraits and Icepeak) where you do olympic events and three in Dream Island (Sparkleton, Cubyrinth and Blizland) where you do Dream events.

What events are in the summer Olympics games?

Three events in the Summer Olympic Games include: - Aquatics - Equestrian - Fencing

What are the three women only Olympic events?

Heptathlon, Synchronised Swimming and one other

What are three Olympic events played on ice?

Ice hockey, speed skating, and curling.

What are Olympians?

They are the Olympic gods from Greek myth. The most well-known are the Big Three Brothers: Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. Olympians can also be competitors in the Olympic Games, which were created in honor of Zeus.

What is the olympic event containing three sports?

there are 301 events in the olympic games including the women E.G.mens hockey.womens hockey posted by hevar

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