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Ronaldinho is definitely Brazilian. He plays for Brazil.

Some actual spanish stars are Puyol, David Villa, Fernando Torres, Cesc Fabregas, and Iker Casillas.-just to name a few

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Q: Can you name some Spanish soccer stars?
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What games are played in Bolivia?

soccer because some people are Spanish!

Is fotbol soccer?

The correct spelling is football. And yes it is. In the UK, Australia and so on, the sport some refer to as soccer is called football.Football is called "soccer" in some countries such as the US due to them having a similar but different sport with the name.

What are some traditional spanish games?

Soccer was orginated by the spanish and Chinese sort of had a form of it too. It was orginally called footeball. Nowadays they do play other sports but it is mostly soccer.

Why is soccer call futbol?

The game of soccer with rules similar to the current rules originated in England with the original name of soccer. For some reason the English changed the name to football, probably because the game mainly uses the feet. The game came to the United States and a few other countries while it still had the name soccer. The English introduced the Spanish to the game after the name change to football. The Spanish spelled the word phonetically in their language. They spelled the word football as futbol because that was the way it sounded to them. (Very few words in Spanish can be spelled more than one way.) When Spanish speaking soccer players come to the United States from Latin America, they bring their game of futbol with them.

Which spanish speaking countries play soccer?

Every country in the world plays soccer in some form, whether or not they have a national team or organized leagues. This includes Spanish-speaking countries.

Who are some athlete from spanish speaking country?

A famous Hispanic athlete would be Lionel Messi, who is a famous soccer player from Argentina. :) (Extra fact: fútbol means "soccer" in Spanish.)

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The stars on International Jerseys show how many times that country has won the world cup

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They speak Spanish Have Hotels Have Soccer Have buildings Love food

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Pele is a very famous soccer player.

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sirius vega

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