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Q: Can you move when returning serve in tennis?
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Is it illegal to move forward during a tennis serve?


It is legal to return a serve without letting the ball bounce in tennis?

You have to let the ball bounce in the service box before returning the serve.

What is harder to hit a baseball or tennis return of service?

Returning a 120+ mph serve is by far harder because there is a bigger area where they can serve were as baseball players barley have to move their feet because of a strike zone. Also there is a smaller distance between the ball and raquet. Tennis players have to be on their toes constantly and needs a lot of strength to return serves.

What is a backhand serve in tennis?

There ISN'T anything called a "backhand serve" in tennis.

What is meaning of serve in tennis?

To serve in tennis, is to hit a tennis ball with your racquet, aiming to score against an opponent.

What is a big serve in tennis?

A big serve is when you the serve with a lot of power.

Why should people use more than one hit off the serve in volleyball?

Simply returning a serve is usually a defensive move: the initiative is left with the server. However, if you have an effective team, more than one hit enables you to attack rather than simply returning the serve.

When is a serve in tennis an out?

A tennis serve is out if it hits the green without hitting the main court, or if it hits the net

What does a tennis game start with?

A tennis game starts with a serve.

What are the four types of serves in tennis?

There are four types of serves in tennis: The Flat Serve, The Slice Serve, The Kick Serve, and the American Twist.

What joints are used in a tennis serve?

Almost all of your joints are used in tennis, but the main ones in a tennis serve are the knee joints, and elbow joints.

When do you get a second serve in table tennis?

When the first serve is a let.

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