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Q: Can you make it to the NFL from semi pro football?
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What is the difference between arena football and semi professional football?

arena football is pro football but it is just 50 yards and has different rules. semi pro football is like a little league for the NFL.

What is NFL miner league?

The NFL presently does not have a minor league system. There are minor leagues of pro and semi-pro football but they are not affiliated with the NFL.

Does sirr Parker still play in the NFL?

No, he does not. Parker played in the NFL, CFL, and the AFL before playing semi-pro football. He retired from semi-pro play in 2006.

What are the Chances of playing in the NFL if you play Semi pro football?

Virtually nil.

Does Oklahoma have a pro-football team?

No, Oklahoma does not have a pro football team. They do have a semi-pro team called the Yard Dogs. Oklahoma has a new pro basketball team called the Thunder. Also, the Oklahoma City Redhawks is the semi-pro baseball team.

Do some semi pro players get signed to NFL pro teams?

Some players do get signed to NFL teams but not most make it past the practice squad. Playing semi pro doesn't automatically get you a contract with a NFL team. Chances of signing on is 1 out of 10 and that is glorifying the chances of getting signed.

What they do in the NFL?

they play pro football

What is official pro football used in NFL?

Wilson is the official football.

What are the similarities between college football and professional football?

they are both tackle there is the nfl, semi pro, and Canadian football leagues in the Canadian league a lot of players go there if they get into trouble in the nfl. The rules in the different leagues are different

What are all the pro football teams in?

The nfl is this a joke?

Is there other pro football leagues other then the NFL?

No football is only in America

How many guys play pro football?

1,696 players make it pro. Say 53 players make the nfl team roster and 53 x 32 = 1,696