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Q: Can you make a ex 500 kaw ninja in to a flat track bike?
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Is there a difference between a track bike and a fixed gear bike?

Well, a track bike is a bike dedicated for use on a velodrome. It has a fixed gear, no brakes, often a steel drop bar and some other features. But with a but of determination you can stick a fixed gear rear wheel in any kind of bike. The wouldn't make it a track bike, but would make it a fixie. If you want to be hard core in your fixie riding, the "purest" is of course to ride a track bike in traffic too.

Does pawn shops buy bikes with flat tires?

pawn shops will buy things that thery think they can make money on. if it is a nice bike then they may but no they will not with a regular bike with a flat tire.

Is it alegal to make a dirt-bike track in your backyard?

as long as it does not cross into city property

Is a dirt bike bigger or smaller than a motorcycle?

yh it is :) They make a 250cc ninja and a 400cc dirtbike. So it depends on what you own.

Where does the flat spike go on your Asics track shoes?

I have mine under the ball of my big toe. (does that make sense)

How do you make an origami ninja not the ninja star I already know how to make the ninja star?

Ninjas are cool.

Will a 2006 or 2007 ninja 650r gas tank fit on a 2008 ninja 650r?

Yes. The only thing to make sure of is whether you have a California version of the bike or get a California version of the tank which has additional lines for emissions.

How do you make a ninja clan?

You make a clan and call it ninja clan

How much does it cost to make a small dirt bike track?

well if you make your track 500 yards around made of all sand that you currently have probably around 5000$ If you don't have the sand then probably 10000-12000$

How do you make a ninja airplane?

With ninja airplane parts. Make sure to give it some ninja airplane fuel too.

How do you build a dirt bike track?

well you know its pretty easy you just cut down the trees in your way make a couple jumps and till up the dirt (suggestion: use your dirt bike for that.

Do you need a drvers license to drive a dirt bike?

not really if you own a big property in the country or so you can make a track but i dought on the road

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