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Here's most of the boxers that were rated in 1930, all you have to do after that is to click on next year and so on.

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Easy. Rates boxers in all weight classes and in two categories -active- and -all (retired)- Get into that database by looking at boxing and key any Top 50 heavyweight ratings. You might have to fiddle/ I had to (always) -before I brought "the whole Ocean" to one of my e-mail domains. Also: key -a- fighters record and then look at -top- of the -face of the screen, showing- -key "ratings'- That -maybe- will bring you right there. From that point you will have pages and pages of "ratings" and -it's on You- to invest Your Time and "comb" the ratings for that era you wish to -learn- Once you find -boxers- from that era next you can "click" -their- records. Another way to "crack the egg" would be to invest in old time boxing magazines. Buy a 'modern' boxing magazine and look for 'blue pages' in order to be able to get ahold of vintage magazies. If you -were- a 'modern age' -fan- you -would- over time be seeing -stories- on the olden time boxers. If you want further asst -go to- The Jerry Quarry foundation "letters" and ask Massimo to 'hook you in' with Jimmy Dorsey. He is a historian -specialist- from the Ali-Quarry-Frazier era and -maybe- can help you.

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The World Heavyweight Boxing champions were (in order) Max Schmeling (Germany Won title June 12,1930 from Jack Sharkey on 4th round disqualifaction in NYC Jack Sharkey (USA) Won title June 21,1932 from Max Schmeling on points over 15 rounds in NYC Primo Carnera (Italy) Won title on June 29,1933 from Jack Sharkey via a 6th Rd KO in NYC Max Baer Won title June 14,1934 from Primo Carnera with an 11th Rd KO in NYC James.J.Braddock won title June 13,1935 from Max Baer via 15Rd Decision in NYC Joe Louis won title June 22,1937 from James.J.Braddock by 8thRd KO in Chicago.Louis held the title until June 25,1948 when he announced he was retiring. Kevreilly

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sugar ray robinson

joe louis

ezzard charles

willie pep

joey maxim

jersey joe walcott

lee savold

sandy saddler

henry armstrong

al bummy davis

beau jack

fritzie zivic

baby arizmendi

billy conn

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Q: Can you list all of the ranked boxers from 1930 - 1940?
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