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if a soccer ball is hit out of the field of play, it cannot be kept by fans in the stadium. the ball has to be returned to play, unlike Baseball.

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2007-06-21 12:21:56
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Q: Can you keep a soccer ball in a professional soccer game?
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Can a player keep a soccer ball after a professional soccer game?

Only if he scores a hat trick.

I can do around 12-15 juggles with the ball but during a soccer game my ball control is horrific how can i improve my ball control?

Keep practicing your ball juggles and that will help to improve your ball control.

Why are soccer balls round?

They are made like that so that they roll for the game soccer. The air particles bounce off the walls, making it easy to keep the air inside the soccer ball.

How do you keep the soccer ball out of the goal?

Try clingfilm

How do you maintain a soccer ball?

Keep your eye on it and focus

Can you keep a soccer ball that has been kicked into the crowd?

no you cant keep the ball I have tried it once they asked for it back

What is the name of the game where you try to keep a soccer ball in the air using only you legs waist chest and head?

Keepy uppies.

What does goalkeeper do in soccer?

He is in the goal the whole game. He has to keep the ball from getting into the goal. If the ball goes into the goal the other team gets a point and the goalie failed to keep the ball out. The goal keeper is the only one in the whole game (other than the opposite goal keeper) allowed to touch the ball with his/her hands.

Three rules for soccer?

keep hands off ball

What is the primary difference between traditional soccer and freestyle soccer?

Freestyle soccer has been around since 1900 but has recently seen an increase in popularity. It is the art of using your body to perform tricks with the soccer ball. One of the tricks are sitting down and using your legs to keep the ball aloft. It can exist on its own or as a part of a traditional soccer game. The traditional game focuses on teamwork and standard moves such as kicking or using your head to hit the ball.

What is a general description of soccer?

a game played by 2 sides of 11 with a spherical ball. Soccer is a game which involves a round shaped ball and has 2 sides of 11 players with reserves in case of injury or players get tired. A soccer oval is approximately 100yards (90meters) long. It is played with a referee and 2 linesmen to keep track of who touched the ball last in case it went out.

How would you describe the duty of a soccer goalkeeper?

To keep the ball out of the net.

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