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No,I can t

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Q: Can you join more than 1 golf club?
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Can you belong to more than one golf club?

Yes, this is perfectly allowed.

Should i join a soccer club or get a PS vita?

tricky, get a PS vita 1st then join a soccer club. But if you like soccer more than video games join a soccer club 1st. i would buy a PS vita.

What is vip on Habbo?

Well on habbo a vip is basically like hc (habbo club) but better. If you join habbo club you pay creds and you get more clothes and more furni. If you join vip you are even better than habbo club you have more choice on clothes and stuff and you get more furni. BUT you have to pay more creds to be a vip than hc. Hope that helps you! :)

How many people joined genesis health club for there free trail?

More than 5,000+ people join this working health club just for the free trail.

What you have to do to become a boxer?

join a boxing club than do what they say keep on

On Stardoll how do you join clubs?

To join a club on Stardoll, you must click on 'Clubs and friends' in the navigation tool bar. Then a list of clubs will be shown. You may also create a club if you have more than 200 starpoints. When you have clicked on a club, there will be a little button saying 'join this club'. click on that and you have joined! ( some clubs may be owners choice of who joins, espiecially very popular clubs ) Thank you :)

Can a baseball bat hit a golf ball farther than a driver?

I'm no expert or knocking on your common sense,but its impossible to generate the kind of speed that a golf club picks up throughout a swing. So the answer is no. Although the speed of a golf club is less, there is no flexing in a baseball bat like there is in a golf club shaft (absorbing energy). I think the golf ball (all things equal) would travel farther being hit by an aluminum bat than a driver.

What does a complete golf club set consist of?

A complete golf club set consists of a variety of clubs generally consisting of no more than 14 clubs. The exact clubs found inside are entirely up to personal preference, but a wide variety is suggested to cover every available course.

Why do some people have a diamond next to them on stardoll?

because they are stardoll royalty which means they have been a superstar for more than a year. To become stardoll royalty become superstar for more than a year the stardoll will send you an invatation to join the stardoll royalty club.Once you join the club(this club can not be found in search clubs)and then you stop being superstar you are kicked out! hope this helped you:)

Would a golf ball explode if hit with a hammer?

No the golf ball was designed to be hit hard. Why would a hammer produce a result different than being hit by a golf club?

How do you hold the club for the natural golf swing?

across the palms of your hands rather than in the fingers

Where is the Champions Gate Golf Tour held?

The Champions Gate Golf Tour is held at Champions Gate Golf Club in Florida. The golf program is an exciting and unique junior golf program for ages 10-18. More than 5,000 boys and girls throughout the United States and Canada and in several foreign countries compete in official qualifying tournaments.