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Yes, i have a friend in college that does it every time, and hes really good at it, you just need really quick reactions and fast hands.

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Yes, anyone can make a goal. It'll be harder for them with long poles but they can get the ball, run down the field and make a goal.

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You will be easily overpowered by knifes and guns, but a weapon is better than none at all

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it would be a penalty

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Q: Can you hit the stick in girls lacrosse?
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How should a lacrosse stick should be?

A girls Lacrosse stick should be about as long as your arms and fingers.

What do girls need to play lacrosse?

lacrosse stick, girls lacrosse cloves, facemask, and thats it un less you are a goalie.

What did they use to play lacrosse?

To play girls lacrosse, you need lacrosse goggles,a girl's lacrosse stick, and a mouthguard.

How do you steal a ball from a lacrosse stick in girls lacrosse?

you check the head of the stick fast and quick to create a release of the ball and take it while it's in the air or ground. Be careful not to hit them though so no slashing. :)

Is it better to hit with your hands together on a lacrosse stick or with your shoulder in lacrosse?

It is better to hit with your hands together on your stick. When ever i hit with my shoulder people go flying, but it is easier to get called. so it is safer to hit with your hands.

What do you need to play girls lacrosse?

All you need to play girls lacrosse is a stick thin gloves which you can find at a sport store and eye goggles

What are the penalites to lacrosse?

For girls, you cannot check, push, hit or get your stick within the girls 'sphere'. If you do any of these things, you have to go 4 meters behind them and they get a chance at the goal.For boys, I'm not sure what the penalties are. You can check and hit and tackle though.

Can you hit a persons calf with your stick in boys lacrosse?

no you can not but you usually get away with it

How do you stick check on lacrosse?

u usually take the stick/crosse, and hit ur opponent's glove or stick/crosse

What are lacross rules?

honestly it depends on your gender... In girls lacrosse you start the game out with the ball at the center and two girls are in the middle (from opposite teams obviously :D) and that ball is placed in between the two lacrosse sticks on the back of it. then you fling it in the ar and chase after it for a catch/ground ball. in girls lax u cannot hit eachother with your stick and f you do ht someone else's stick then it would have to be below the waist. there is a "bubble" around your head and necka area if your opponent puts ther stick in your face it's a foul. and when going after a groundball you cannot "cover" it with your stick and you cannot hit someone's stick if there isnt a ball in it also. and etc. etc. sorry im a girl soo yeah i dont really know boys lacrosse =/

Is girls lacrosse tougher than boys lacrosse?

It depends on what you mean by "tougher." Boys lacrosse is more aggressive and they are allowed to check the body as well as the stick. However, they wear a lot of padding and have a large pocket in the netting of their stick that makes it easier to keep the ball in. Only stick to stick checking is allowed in girls lacrosse, but the only protection they wear is a mouth guard and goggles and they do not have the large pocket advantage that boys do making it more difficult to maintain possession of the ball.

How short can you cut an attack men lacrosse stick?

as short as you can but dont hit his/her hand