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Yes ... rule 5.10(c)(1) states:

"If an accident to a runner is such as to prevent him from proceeding to a base to which he is entitled, as on a home run hit out of the playing field, or an award of one or more bases, a substitute runner shall be permitted to complete the play."

A situation similar to this occurred in a game between the Boston Red Sox and Toronto Blue Jays in 2005. Gabe Kapler of the Red Sox was on first base when Tony Graffanino hit a home run. Kapler went down with a ruptured achillies tendon between second and third base. Graffanino waited on second base while Kapler was loaded on a cart and taken off the field. Alejandro Machado entered the game as a pinch runner and finished the trot to home plate in Kapler's absence.

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In the National League, the pitcher is already in the batting lineup. He cannot pinch-hit for anybody else, because he would be batting out of order.

In the American League, the designated hitter bats for the pitcher. If the pitcher was to bat, he would only be allowed to bat for the designated hitter, and that would remove the Designated Hitter rule for the remainder of the game. The rest of the game would have to be played normally, where the pitcher bats in the designated hitter's spot. This would not be a good idea, since most designated hitters are good hitters.

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yes. if the runner is on the inner (left side of chalk if you are the runner) part of the base path.

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Q: Can you hit a runner with the baseball to get them out?
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Little league ball is hit and bounces back toward batter it hits batters helmet and goes out of bounds Is the batter out?

If the baseball hit the ground in foul territory, the ball is a foul ball. If the baseball hit the ground in fair territory, and the batter/runner is still in the batter's box when the baseball hits him, it is a foul ball. If the baseball hit the ground in fair territory and the batter/runner is out of the batter's box when the baseball hits him, the batter/runner is out and the ball is dead.

Runner 1st and second baseball hit by batter hits runner on way to 2nd Who is out and are any bases awarded?

advancing runner struck by the batted ball is out.

In baseball what situation would you use a hit and run?

When a base runner is at third

What is it called when a runner gets to first base in baseball?

Base hit or single.

How do you get people out in baseball?

To get someone out in baseball you must mainly eitherstrike the out with three strikescatch a foul ballif they hit it catch ittag a runner with the balltag the base of a forced runner

What is scoring in baseball?

The lead runner coming home from a hit,error,walk, or a balk.

Does the batter get a hit when the baseball he hits then hits the runner moving from 1st base to 2nd?

If a batted ball that a fielder has no chance to field hits a runner, the runner is called out and the batter is credited with a single.

In baseball what is the difference between hit and run and run and hit?

In a run and hit the runner has the option to steal or not depending on whether he gets a good jump and the batter has the option to swing or not depending on if it is a pitch he wants to hit. In a hit and run, the runner steals and the batter is supposed to swing. The run and hit is a safer play.

If the baseball hits the base first and then the runner is the runner out?


Is a runner out if a Pitcher makes an attempt on a ground ball and it hit a runner?

No it is not kickball.

If a base runner is hit by the ball is it a dead ball?

No. Runner is part of the field, therefor the ball is in play and the runner is out.

Is the ball alive or dead when hitting a runner in fair territory?

It depends. Is the ball being thrown or is it hit. If it's hit off the bat and hits a base runner it's a dead ball and the runner is out if the ball has not passed a fielder. If the ball has already passed a fielder then the ball is live and the runner is not out. It is as if it never happened. If it hits the runner when it is thrown it is perceived as if it never hit the runner.