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In theory, yes. But keep in mind that if a driver is under contract, legal proceedings must take place to "break" that contract.

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Q: Can you hire any driver for any team?
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In Nascar 05 Chase for the Cup where can you hire a driver?

After you purchase a team, you can go into your race shop, select the series in which you own a team, and select the option that says "HIRE DRIVER".Tip: If you own a National Series car, hire Ty Sheets as your driver. He has the potential to win races, so he'll earn you a lot of money. However, he doesn't seem to do as well if he is hired in any of the other series.

Where could one hire a car or driver in New Zealand?

You can hire a car from rental services like Apex Rentals, Budget, Europcar or Rental Car in New Zealand; you can hire a driver from Hire A Driver or Drivers for Hire in New Zealand.

Dump Truck Driver?

form_title= Dump Truck Driver form_header= Hire a dump truck driver for your construction needs! When do you need the dump truck driver?*= _ [50] How long will you need to hire the dump truck driver for?*= _ [50] What do you need to hire the dump truck driver for?*= _ [50]

Is it possible to hire the A-Team?

The A-Team is a fictional group of people. So, no, you can't hire the A-Team.

Where can you hire a picket post driver in Melbourne?

kennards hire now has the air driven picket post driver

Where can one find a driver for hire in Houston?

Looking for a driver to hire depends exactly on the type of driver that is needed, such as, a personal driver, a limousine driver, a taxi driver, a fork-lift driver or even a semi-rig truck driver that requires CDL training and licensing. Glenn's Driving Service will drive anywhere in any vehicle and will transport pets also. Thumbtack lists limousine drivers in any city including Houston, Texas.

What word can sound like higher?

The word is hire. We need to hire additional workers. I would like to hire a limo and driver.

Where can one hire a driver for a 7 seat car?

Driving a seven-seat cars does not necessitate that any special training is required. Any driver who holds a standard license can drive such a car and can be hired from a driving agency.

What is a person who drives a car as a paid job?

A driver employed for an owned car is a chauffeur. A driver who carries fares for hire is a taxi driver.

Where can one hire a car driver for the Canary Islands?

One can hire a car driver on the Canary Islands by talking to your travel agent when you book your trip and by adding it on if you are booking online.

What doas it mean PHV driver?

Private Hire Vehicles

How do you hire drivers in 18 wheels of steel American long haul?

You can hire a driver after three cargo hauls to do so you have to go to a hotel. Every time you hire a driver to get the next one you need three more cargo hauls

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