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No. Grasping any part of the helmet or the chin strap will result in a personal foul penalty.

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Q: Can you grab the defensive players helmet?
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What are the names of past defensive patriot players?

There are hundreds of former defensive Patriots players.

How many players get hurt in helmet to helmet contact?

a lot

Why do the patriots sign rookie defensive players?

Because they are looking for young fast defensive players who are coachable.

Can a defensive football player have a green dot on his helmet?

As of the 2007 season, no. The green dot signifies the player that has a radio receiver in his helmet and, as of the 2007 season, no defensive player is allowed to have a radio receiver in his helmet.

When a players helmet comes off is the play dead?

no, it goes just like if his helmet was on

Why do football players were the helmet?

To protect their heads!

Where do you put your helmet when you get off the motorcycle?

On the handlebar, or get yourself a helmet lock which fits on the th pillion grab rail(if your bike has one).

Why are the quarterbacks the only players with a green dot on their helmets in the NFL?

A green dot on a helment means that, that player has a radio receiver in their helmet. One offensive player and one defensive player from each team may have a green dot. It gives them one way communication with the coach before each play.

How many nfl players get concussions each year from helmet to helmet contact?

34 to 100

Where do defenses start on a soccer field?

Defensive players are the closest players to your goalie

What helmets do NFL players use?

the official helmet company of the NFL is Riddell, so most players in the NFL wear those, because in order to wear any other helmet the players have to have the name of the company taken off the helmet. ive noticed that most players wear the Revolution Speed by Riddell. its the best helmet that Riddell produces. ive only seen two other players wearing a helmet by another company although im sure there are more, Chad Ochocinco and Justin Tuck both wear the Ion 4D by Schutt which is the best helmet made to this point.

Why was the helmet to helmet penalties started?

To prevent concusions in the NFL. Too many players were getting hurt.