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no you can not go in the crease on the goalie side

what kind of dumb question is that

Yes, any player of either team CAN step into the crease. You can score and pass from inside the crease as well. However, you cannot walk into the crease while you have the ball (meaning you can pass the ball to someone who's inside the crease, and you can walk into the crease while you do not have the ball). The guy who called this a 'dumb question' must be pretty dumb himself.

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Q: Can you go in the goalies crease in soccer?
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Where can soccer goalies go?

they can go anywhere on the feild

What is lacrosse a mix of?

Hockey and soccer, but a lot of hockey. Here is a list of what they have in common. Crease for the goalie Contact Goalies have big sticks fast stratagy goalies protect their neck offsides call penalty time wack people with sticks use sticks

Do soccer goalies have to wear mouthguards?

no not all soccer goalies have to wear mouth guards. some do because of their braces.

How many goalies are in soccer?

2 different goalies are in soccer at a time - one for the home team and one for the away team.

Why does soccer have goalies?

Goal keepers in soccer are as or more important than the other players on the field. Without goalies, soccer would be like golf. Boring, and pointless.

What are goalies in soccer allowed to do?

goalies in soccer have i major objective: stop all balls that come near the goal. the goalies can touch the ball with their hands and feet, but arent allowed to leave their white box painted around the goal.

Can soccer goalies have the same colord jersy?


Is there a crease in soccer?

No, everybody can be in the box.

How many soccer goalies are there in the world?

alot of people

What is the average height of soccer goalies?


How many positions in soccer?

There are 4 positions in soccer. There are goalies, defense, offense, and mid field [forward].

Do soccer goalies wear cups?

No, there is no need for a goalkeeper to wear a cup.

What is the most prestigious award for International soccer goalies?

The world cup of course

What the same between water polo and soccer?

They have goalies, a ball, penalties, and player ejections.

Who is the best woman soccer goalies?

Briana Scurry Hope Solo.

Can goalies roll the ball to players in soccer?

Yes goalkeepers can roll the ball to a player.

In soccer can goalies score?

Yes. Any player who is legally on the field can score a goal.

Why is Edwin van der sar famous?

He is one of the best soccer goalies ever.

What is Liverpool's goalies name in soccer?

Liverpool's main goalie is Jose "Pepe" Reina.

What does the goalie in soccer do?

1.)The goalies main job in soccer is to stay in their designated area or square and when someone from the opposing team shoots it is the goalies responcibility to block it and send it back out to their team2.)To simplify that i would say the goalies job is to guard their teams goal so that the other team would not get a point, and when the goalie got the ball they would throw it or drop-kick it to their own team!!!3.)the goalies main job is pretty much to protect the goal from other people shooting, but you have no limits as to where you can go, you can go outside of the goaly box as far as you want

Can Lacrosse goalies wear leg pads?

Box lacrosse goalies do wear leg pads made of hard plastic material like a big shin guards, in field lacrosse goalies can only wear soccer style shin guards

Can nhl goalies body check other players in hockey?

Yes, but only if the other player is inside his crease (the blue semi-circle in front of the net)

What is the jersey number of the goalie or keeper?

Generally, soccer goalies will have the number 0, 00, or 1.

Is a goalie allowed to take a Penalty in Soccer?

goalies are allowed to take penelties but it could be criticle

What happens when one of your teammates steps in your own goalie's crease in hockey?

It's never a good idea to step in the goalie's crease, even if it's our own goalie. Goalies need their space to maneuver and make saves. In some places, refs might call penalties for invading the crease, but most refs won't, especially if it's your own goalie.