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Convert this number to scientific notation

An arrow is shot straight up at an initial velocity of 250 ms How long will it take to hit the ground

Convert this number to scientific notation 278000

What is the metric system prefix for the quantity 0.001

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Q: Can you give me some cite sources for mia hamm?
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What are some of mia hamm's character traits?

she will never give up on her dreams.

What is the birth name of Sunset Carson?

Sunset Carson's birth name is Winifred Maurice Harrison (some sources cite Michael Harrison).

What are some of Mia Hamm's characteristics?

Athletic . :)

What are some disadvantages Mia Hamm has?

She is female

What is the origin of the word emotions?

Some sources say it is from the Latin emovere (to move or disturb). Others cite the French word, émotion.

Why doesn't WikiAnswers require answerers to cite their sources?

The best practice is for an answerer to cite his or her sources. This can be done by utilizing the Q&A's Related Linksfunction and the superscript formatting tool just like you would use on an essay.It is not required, but it is good practice.It isn't required because some Q&As may be asking for opinions. How would one cite the source of his or her own opinion? Of course, it would be nice to cite the sources with which one used to come to his or her conclusions.There are so many questions and so many answers on this site that it would be impossible for WikiAnswers to require all answers to have sources in order to be published on the site.The reader can also make his or her own decision about the validity of an answer that does not include sources.

What are some interests Mia hamm likes?

mia hamm loves college basketball, golf, cooking and reading!

Cite some practical application as of the thermal expansion?

cite some practical application and geometry

What are some qualities of mia hamm?

Mia Hamm is funny, family oriented, smart, nice, and loves to play soccer.

How do you cite your sources?

Best way to do it EASYBIB.COM! All you do is input the web address and some info about the cite and **PRESTO** your source it automatically cited. Trust me, used this for a report in school - no more staying up till 2 AM making a bibliography! -saf

Give some possible sources of error in the experiment?

Light, Atmophere, temperature

Where can one find an employee motivation survey?

There are several employee motivation surveys on the internet. Some of the trusted sources for these surveys are MaCorr, Cite HR, ASTD, and Fast Company.

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