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Discrimination is best described as treatment of others based primarily on what

Experts on social issues tend to view poverty as a matter of personal choice and responsibility or a significant problem only for the third world or a vicious circle from which it is difficult to esca

Deviance can BEST be defined as any

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Q: Can you give me a name and picture of a famous ballet dancer?
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What is customary to give a girl on her first ballet function?

I would give her a charm of a dancer or ballet shoes charm.

Give famous events of the Kansas City ballet?

The Kansas City Ballet is a famous theater that hosts many different ballet performances. Some famous events of the Kansas city ballet are: fairy tale themed dances.

Can you give me an example of a personification poem?

The tree's branches swayed in the wind like a ballet dancer.

Does ballet make your calves get big?

It does make your calves bigger as calves are every important to a ballet dancer as they are one of the main muscles that give them strength to perform mainly jumps. But really, it depends on the individual and how fast they can develop fat into muscle.

Can you do ballet if you are 14 years old?

Yes, you can start ballet at any age. However, you may want to, if you have not already, learn the positions of the arms and feet as well as perhaps some basic movements such as plies. This should give you a strong base. Look on the internet or books such as The Young Dancer: A Young Enthusiast's Guide to Ballet.

What do you do after you get the picture of the lochness monster?

You give it to the media and go famous.

What do you have to do in order to become a contempoary dancer?

Well...i do comtempary and its hard because you have to express yourself in a different way to any other dances and it takes alot of strengeth. If you do ballet it helps but you have to learn not to move like a ballet dancer during a comtempary dance because it doen't look right. Comtempary is using moves which need focus,abitlyand strengeth. Its almost like modern ballet in a way. keep practicing and don't give up. and remember to think outside the box in comtempary because its moves are meant to be different yet effective

Why do they wear point shoes?

Pionte shoes are a traditional element of ballet. Originally, they were created to give the illusion of the dancer floating across the stage, but now they are so imbedded in balet tradition that they are worn by all professional females.

Who is the first female ballet dancer?

In 1729 when a boy was born in the popular theatrical family in Florence. They named him Gaetano Appolino Baldassare Vestris. Nobody in the family could even dream that one day this boy would become the most famous French male ballet dancers of the 18th century. However, even as a teenager Gaetano Vestris showed so many talents in ballet that he got a chance to study dance at the Royal Academy in Paris. There he shortened his Italian name to Gaetan Vestris.His dancing debut took place when he was only some twenty years old at the famous Paris Opera. Soon Gaetan Vestris became the favorite dancer of the French royal family and went up the career ladder even further. He was promoted to the title of the king's dancing master and was teaching his technique to Louis XVI.Gaetan Vestris entered the history of ballet not only because of his excellent dancing abilities. He was also the first ballet dancer who discarded the mask that traditionally was worn by European dancers. After he removed the mask he made another historical innovation - Vestris started using his face in mime and succeeded in it as he was not only great dancer but an excellent mimic as well.In the middle of 18th century nobody could compete with his popularity as well as with his ego. His contemporaries claimed that not once Gaetan would say that his was one of three greatest men in Europe, comparing himself to the king of Prussia and Voltaire.Gaetan Vestris was also lucky in marriage. He married German actress Anna Heinel and who had a brilliant career as a opera singer of European prominence. His children followed his steps. For example, his illegitimate son Auguste Vestris was the leading dancer of French Opera for 36 years.As the years rolled by he became the First Ballet master and was also composing ballets but, eventually retired in 1776 and died quietly in 1808. Another great ballet master Jean Georges Noverre took his place and worked on creating famous ballet d'action.No responses yetAug 21 2008Prince of the Russian BalletPublished by admin under Russian BalletIf you could ask any Russian ballet fan of the 19th who is his favorite male ballet dancer, there would come up only one name - Paul Gerdt. He spent fifty six years on the ballet stage and performed in the roles of nearly every lead male character of famous Russian ballets. For his extraordinary ballet technique and dancing Paul Gerdt received the mot prestigious title of the Premier Danseur of all three significant theaters in the tsarist Russia: the Imperial Ballet, The Bolshoy Kammeny Theater and Mariinsky Theater.Gerdt had the unusual longevity for any male ballet dancer: he was born in 1844, started performing very young and retired one year before his death in 1917. Public loved and worshiped him. In addition, to his brilliant career and titles, audience nicknamed him Blue Cavalier. Admiring public also awarded him with another title: the Prince of Saint Petersburg stage. This was true enough because Paul Gerdt was the first to dance Prince Siegfried in Swan Lake, Prince Desire in Sleeping Beauty, and Prince Coqueluche in The Nutcracker.His mentors and teachers that helped him start his amazing career of a dancer were also the best that Russian ballet could offer. Gerdt's first teacher was Alexander Pimenov who himself was a student of the Father of Russian ballet - Charles Didelot. His next teacher was Jean Petipa, famous ballet dancer, father of probably the second person of importance after Didelot for Russian ballet - Marius Petipa. Old Jean in his youth underwent extensive training by the giant of the French ballet Auguste Vestris.Paul Gerdt was quite an eccentric, nobody at the theater knew how old he was. When asked, he would give one and the same response, claiming that he was 23 years old. He excelled not only in dancing but in teaching as well. He left after himself the whole brilliant team of students among which there were Anna Pavlova, George Balanchine, Michel Fokin, Tamara Karsavina and Vaslav Nijinsky. It is interesting to note that Michel Fokin trained Gerdt's daughter - great ballerina Elizaveta Gerdt. And Vaslav Nijinsky was Elizaveta's partner in ballet dancing.

What sport can be very peaceful?

It depends how peaceful you are at it! But to give you a straight answer, ballet is peaceful. FYI ballet is a sport!

Give picture and details of famous scientist?

One famous scientist was Marie Curie. She was an amazing French scientist who discovered the effects of radiation and that it could be used to treat cancer.

Can ballet help you with hip-hop dancing?

Ballet is the start of every form of dance. Ballet can help with co-ordination & balance. I'd definitely give ballet a go as it can help with many other forms to. It helped me with mine :)

How did Zendaya Coleman became famous?

Zendaya became famous by beinga model for Macys,Mervyens and JcPenny. She also was a backup dancer for Sears on the Sears Arrive Lounge in 2009. So they gaveher a promotion to give her a lift in the entertainment buisness.

What kind of flowers do you give after a ballet performance?

Usually they give roses, either pink or red.

Give you some sample ballet words?

some ballet words would be arabesque, devant, fondu, grand battement, glissade, jeté

Does a Spanish dancer lay eggs or give birth?

A Spanish Dancer is a slug and lays bright red eggs.

Why did they make ballet?

ballet was not made but created for pleasure and to give women or men who do it elegance and grace . it is also a form of exercise and can help your balance and posture

Give you a topic for picture composition?

topic for picture composition

Where can you get free ballet lessons?

Yeah... you really cant get free ballet lessons unless you know someone who teaches ballet. youtube and other online video sites have some pretty informative stuff for beginners though. even though professional lessons from a trained ballet dancer aren't usually that expensive for beginners anyway. its usually when you get to advanced ballet like pointe when you need to buy special shoes and then if you are good enough to participate in a recital then you would have to pay for any costumes. i hope I've been some help. peace. p.s. if you lived in south Florida. i could give ballet lessons for a small price like $10-20 a lesson. i could also recommend some of my former companies that taught me well.

Why do some ballet directors assgin larger dancers to perform slow graceful steps and smaller dancers to perform quick movements?

A larger dancers will perhaps give more definition to the move whereas a smaller dancer may find it easier to do quick light steps rather than a taller dancer. Also directors have had years of experience and it is mainly to do with the audiences' minds and the way in which people perceive dancers and their movements

A picture that give an example on the 9 components of physical fitness?

give a picture of physical fitness

Which year did ballet dancing started?

The history of ballet, is linked with the history of war and swimming. The dolphins and sharks had many forms of dance, which over time assisted the development of ballet as we know it today. So ballet has grown from many influences, not just 'invented' one day. Read 'Ballet in Western Culture, A history and origins and evolution' by Carol Lee, this will give an understanding of how ballet has developed over the centuries.

Youre only 12 but you love to dance and youre pretty good at it How can you become a professional dancer if your parents work night shift so you dont have any time to go to a dance place?

Not to crush your dreams, but without taking dance it'll be hard to progress up to the professional stage. If you can, go to ballet summer intensives with major ballet companies. That REALLY helps, and it can give you a taste about if dance is really for you. There is an audition process for those.

What is the career average dancer?

to become a average dancer is to focus and be what you would want to be and also never give up,stick with your dream

Can you give me some interesting about ballet?

It placed as the hardest sport in the world. Football came in third, that's where the saying "If ballet was any easier it would be football." came from.