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Q: Can you get haro bmx bikes in ktown?
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Is Haro a bad bike brand?

in my opinion i rate haro bmx bikes,gt bmx bikes and redline bmx bikes as the top 3 bmx bike brands

Is haro a good bmx brand?

ANSWER: I believe that Haro is the best BMX complete bikes for the money. I love my Haro BMX race bike.

What is haro bikes?

Haro is a bike brand/ manufacturer! The started many years ago wit BMX bikes...

When was the first freestyle BMX made?

The first BMX bicycle made specifically for Freestyle was the Haro Freestyler by "Haro Designs" (later became "Haro Bikes"), manufactured to Bob Haro's specifications by Torker in 1982.

What company makes good bmx bikes?

WTP and Haro bikes are probably the best there is.

What are the top 10 bmx bikes?

Not Haro

Where can one buy a Haro BMX bike?

Sun & Ski Sports is a dealer for Haro BMX bikes. They offer a wide selection of BMX bikes and accessories. These can be purchased online through their web store or at a Sun & Ski Sports store.

Inventor of haro bikes?

The inventor of the Haro Bike is Bob Haro. He was born on June 29, 1958 and is a former freestyle BMX rider.

Where can one purchase Haro BMX bikes?

One may purchase Haro BMX bikes from Sport Chalet. They offer a wide variety of colors and styles to fit any taste and budget. Accessories are also sold at Sport Chalet.

What types of bmx bikes are there?

There are Redlines, Haro, Stolen, Cults, Fitbikes, Colony, eastern bikes, free agents, and etc.

Is mongoose logo 2010 bmx bike a good bike?

All mongoose bmx are horrible! if you are looking for a good bmx bike look at Fit, kink, haro bmx bikes.

Names of pro bmx bikes?

-redline -dk -haro -gt -hoffman -S and M

How heavy is a haro bike?

There's more than one model of Haro bikes, so it's hard to answer - but somewhere between 26-30 lbs.There are many different models of Haro BMX bikes. The 500.1 series weigh 23.5 pounds

Names of the Pros that ride haro bmx bikes?

Ryan Nyquist and Dennis Enarson the most famous ones

What got Dave mirra into freestyle BMX?

well what got Dave mirra into freestyling is when haro bikes sponsored him so that's why there was a haro mirra 2000

Is haro a bmx brand?

Yes, Haro is a BMX brand. A great BMX brand, no less.

Are opollo bmx bikes good?

Apollo bmx bikes are not the best, but if you're just starting off they're ok. However, if you're at a decent level of bmx and you have the money, you might want to go for a wethepeople, hoffman, mongoose, archos, mafia, haro, or even make your own custom bmx

Are easturn bmx bikes good?

Yes! They are the BEST brand of bike but more good brands are haro, mongoose, and diamondback.

What bmx bike should you get?

Well if you like eastern bikes you should get a 09 traildigger for 400.00.Or you should get the haro f5 acid green color. These are the bikes in looking at.Well if you like eastern bikes you should get a 09 traildigger for 400.00.Or you should get the haro f5 acid green color. These are the bikes in looking at.yo should get either a haro or a dyno but any bike frem

Are haro bmx bikes a good bike?

yes because the bike is a nice light weight bike that is easy to do tricks and are worth the $150-$200 price

Does haro make racing bikes?

yes haro makes a big range of racing bikes

What are some of the models of Haro bikes?

There are a wide variety of popular Haro brand bikes models. The 2013 Blackout BM, 2012 Race Lite BM, and 2013 Z18 are a few examples of notable Haro bikes.

Are mirraco bikes better than a haro bikes and are they just good bikes?

Mirraco bikes are really good beginner pro bikes Haro bikes brake kinda allot id go with Mirraco all the way.

What is the best bmx racing bike?

Top of the line would be Haro Sunday fly. (for racing do NOT get pegs you well eat the dirt) naw those are not cheap best haro will be up to $600 dollars that is PRO bikes hope you use this and pleas respond thank you

How good are Haro's?

haro bikes are quality espicialy the haro x3 amazing bike 10/10 :)