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All Major League Baseball Teams' names either currently or from the past are the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Atlanta Braves, the Milwaukee Braves, the Boston Braves, the Boston Bees, the Boston Rustlers, the Boston Doves, the Boston Beaneaters, the Boston Red Caps, the Baltimore Orioles, the St. Louis Browns, the Milwaukee Brewers, the Boston Red Sox, the Brooklyn Dodgers, the Los Angeles Dodgers, The Boston Americans, the California Angels, the Anaheim Angels, the Los Angeles Angels of Anahiem, the Chicago Cubs, the Chicago Orphans, the Chicago Colts, the Chicago White Stockings, the Chicago White Sox, the Cincinnati Reds, the Cincinnati Redlegs, the Cincinnati Red Stockings, the Cleveland Indians, the Cleveland Naps, the Cleveland Bronchos, the Cleveland Blues, the Colorado Rockies, the Detroit Tigers, the Florida Marlins, the Houston Astros, the Houston Colts .45's, the Kansas City Athletics, the Oakland Athletics, the Kansas City Royals, the Minnesota Twins, the Washington Senators, the Montreal Expos, the Washington Nationals, the New York Giants, the San Francisco Giants, the New York Metes, the New York Yankees, the New York Highlanders, the Philadelphia Athletics, the Philadelphia Phillies, the Philadelphia Blue Jays, the Philadelphia Quakers, the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Pittsburgh Alleghenys, the San Diego Padres, the New York Gothams, the Seattle Mariners, the Seattle Pilots, the St. Lous Cardinals, the St. Louis Perfectos, the St. Louis Brown Stockings, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, the Tampa Bay Rays, the Texas Rangers and the Toronto Blue Jays.

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Q: Can you get a list of all MLB baseball teams to ever exist?
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