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Q: Can you get a basketball scholorship without playing for high school?
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Can you play college basketball without playing high school basketball?


Can you play college basketball without playing high school?


Name the nba star who was picked number 1 in the basketball draft and he went from high school basketball to the pros without playing in college?

Lebron James

What is recreational basketball?

Recreational Basketball, is playing basketball outside of a club or school, either playing it by urself or with your friends at the local Court. Recreational basketball is usually played outdoors

How can i get a full scholorship?

You must be great in school or be good in sports, but its basically impossible.

How do you get a scholarship if i didn't play in high school?

you can get a scholorship in learning. But you have to be very smart

If you play football in high school does that mean you get a scholarship?

you only get a scholorship if your good enough for a school to give you one.

What was the position Troy Bolton was playing in the school basketball team in High School musical?

shooting Guard

What does Kevin Garnett do when he's not playing basketball?

He catches my Mom's school bus.

How young was lebron James when he first start playing basketball?

When he was 8 years old. He started playing orgainzed basketball in high school, at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School in Akron, Ohio.

Are there any age limits to high school basketball?

High School basketball is generally limited to those in high school only. There is probably not an age limit assuming that the students playing are enrolled in the high school.

What school has the most NCAA basketball tournament appearances without a championship?


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