Can you get 2kilo netballs

Updated: 8/20/2019
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no, netballs are one standard size and one standard weight, anything with another size or weight isnt a real Netball

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Q: Can you get 2kilo netballs
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What are netballs made of?

Netballs can either be made of leather or rubber depending on the size and experience of the players to use it.

Why do netballs have panels?


Does dunlop sell netballs?


What is the circumference of a netball?

There are different sizes of netballs so kids can play with smaller netballs and adults play with bigger ones. There is not a specific answer

How many pounds is 2kilo?

Two kilo is about 4.5 pounds

Why are netballs oronge?

Netballs aren't orange, they are generally white with a splash of another colour. I think you are thinking of basketball where the ball is always orange

Where can you buy netballs on soul silver?

You have to check the guy at North end of every Pokemart. They sell mail but also special balls like Netballs.

How are netballs used?

1 ball is used in a game

What equals the same as 2kilo meters?

One meter equals to 2 kilometers :) <3

Who is netballs highest goal shooter scorer in the world?

she is from jamaica. shes 1.96

How do you draw netballs?

a Netball ball is the same as a football only a bit smaller

What got you into netball?

my very encoraging teacher and going to 2 netball clubs !! netballs a great sport!