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No - this was banned after 1978 when the Raiders deliberately fumbled the ball forward against San Diego for a winning touchdown.

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Q: Can you fumble forward to get a touchdown?
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Can you fumble forward recover it and run it for a touchdown?


Has a kicker ever recover a fumble and return it for a touchdown?


What is a touchdown?

== == == == When the ball is advanced past the end zone line it is called a touchdown. It is worth 6 points. A touchdown can be scored on offense or defense by any player. A touchdown can also be scored if there is a fumble in the end zone, and the team that scored on that end zone recovers the fumble.

If in the NFL a player tries to fumble backwards but somehow it goes forward is it an illegal forward fumble?

A fumble is a fumble, no matter what direction it goes in, but a player cannot advance the ball forward through the air once they have passed the line of scrimmage.

Can a fumbled ball be recovered by the same team for a touchdown in high school football?

In high school there are no special rules concerning a forward fumble, so yes, the fumbling team can recover it for a touchdown. However, if the officials determine that a ball was deliberately fumbled forward to try and gain yardage, they can rule it as an incomplete pass.

What Eagle holds the record for the longest fumble recovery returned for a touchdown?

Mike Patterson

How do you use demoralized in a sentence?

Our recovered fumble and subsequent touchdown really demoralized our opponents.

How can a center in football get a touchdown?

One instance where that position would be able to score a touchdown would be in the case of a fumble, since centers are not allowed to have the football thrown to them, or if their is a trick play performed such as a fumble rooski, a play which was established by Nebraska.

What Eagles player holds the record for the longest fumble recovery returned for a touchdown?

Mike Patterson

Is it still a touchback if the defender recovers a fumble in the endzone but never leaves it?

that would be called a touchdown

How long is a football in play?

how ever long until the ball becomes dead: -hits the ground -goes out of bounds -fumble/fumble recovery -sack -ball carrier tackled -touchdown it also usually depends on where in the field you are and trying to score a touchdown from that spot.

Professional football words?

Pass, rush, yards, interception, fumble, penalty, tackle, helmet, touchdown

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