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Not without significant modification at least. You should look into upgrading to something.... not plastic.

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Q: Can you fit a bigger CO2 tank on a brass eagle raptor plastic paintball gun?
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Can you fit a bigger CO2 tank on a brass eagle raptor paintball gun?

Yes, the largest CO2 tank, the 24 oz can fit on the Brass eagle Raptor or any marker for with standard ASA threads. However not every marker can use Co2.

How much does a paintball gun cost?

It can range from £70 - $80 to £1000 - $1500 actually you can buy the crappiest paintball gun in the world (the brass eagle pump action raptor) for like $20 but its plastic pump and uses two little disposable co2 cartridges instead of refillables

Is brass eagle a good brand for the paintball gun?

No, Brass Eagle is one of the worst paintball brands known. It has an unprecedented record for building the least reliable and cheapest markers available.

What is the cheapest paintball gun?

The brass eagle talon is 25 dollars.

How much is a brass eagle paintball gun worth?

used $10-$40 Brass Eagle is a crappy brand

What is the worst brand for a paintball gun?

Brass Eagle, anything from walmart, and spyders,

How do you put a brass eagle paintball gun back together?

it depends on the model.

How much is a your Brass Eagle Paintball Gun?

A used one is about 85$ to 90$.

Is the brass eagle marauder a good starter paintball gun?

eh they are okay

How do you reload a brass eagle paintball gun?

put more balls in the hopper.

What are brass instruments made of?

brass instruments can be made of silver, brass, or even plastic in some cases, although not intirly plastic. brass instruments may also be made of solid gold or coated in it, and mouthpeices can be made of brass, silver, plastic, gold or gold plated.

Is the avenger a good paintball gun?

The brass eagle avenger is a terrible paintball gun. Brass eagle as a whole is build with some of the lowest quality parts in paintball and is notorious for completely braking down in a matter of months. Most would not recommend buying anything that is sold at walmart.

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