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Yes and receive a free play.

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2009-11-09 20:40:01
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Q: Can you fair catch after safety?
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What is a fair catch kick in football?

During a fair catch if you wave you can't move your down right there.

NFL fair catch rules?

the wave must be over the shoulder must catch the ball after waving fair catch if it hits you and you dont catch it the ball is live

What does a safety sheet mean for a science fair project?

it means safety

How do you call a fair catch on Madden 10 Wii?

how to call a fair catch on madden 10 on wii please i need help I'm playing the game and they are cheating they are not letting me call a fair catch

Can you make a field goal after a fair catch when time expired?

The answer is simply yes, you can make a field goal after a fair catch.

What year was fair catch installed?

The fair catch was installed in 1985 although it was ritchened by Sir john dologis in 1993

Can you kick an onside kick after a safety?

After a safety, the team that was forced into a safety must punt the ball to the opposing team instead of kicking a normal kickoff. I guess it just depends on how far the ball is being punted, there are no rules on how far the ball must be punted after a safety. So the answer is yes but it's not called an onside kick.

Can a fair catch be fielded on a bounce?


What is a fair catch kick?

when a player calls for a fair catch on a kick he waves, this means that as soon as he catches the ball he is down right there and nobody can tackle him.

Can you block after signaling for a fair catch?

No, after signaling a fair catch nobody on the opposing team may touch you and you may not touch anybody on the opposing team.

Can you fair catch for a touchback on a punt?

No, it is not possible or allowed.

Is punt returner who gives fair catch signal afforded protection after the punt hits the ground in high school game under nfhs rules?

The way "fair catch" is defined under NFHS rules (2-9-1), the receiver must give a valid signal AND must also make the catch before it can be called a "fair catch." If the ball hits the ground, there is no fair catch and therefore no protection for the receiver is warranted.

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