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Q: Can you ever throw your ball in golf?
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What will fall faster a basketball or a golf ball?

I say a golf ball, but it depends on how high you throw them.

Which ball moves faster a bowling ball or a golf ball?

It depends on how hard you throw/hit the ball. On average though, it is the golf ball.

Can you throw a tennis ball golf ball or baseball faster?


Why can you throw a golf ball farther than a ping pong ball?

a golf ball is heavier

How high can you throw a baseball a tennis ball a football and a golf ball?


Do you need the same amount of force to throw a basketball 3 meters as you need to throw a golf ball 3 meters?

To answer this question and ones like it, try exaggerating. Does it take the same amount of force to throw a cannon ball 3 meters as it does to throw a golf ball 3 meters?

How do you throw a golf ball?

i do believe that you throw it the same as a baseball member i think so dont sue me

How far can you throw a ball on the moon?

On the moon you will throw the ball ever further as the gravity is one sixth of earth.

Has there ever been a golf ball the size of mars?


Can a golf ball ever be dropped in a bunker?


Does the weight of the softball and the baseball effect the speed?

Well if you throw a bowling ball and a golf ball, which is gonna go faster?

Can you throw a baseball or a golf ball FASTER?

Well, I have actually done this with a radar gun and can confirm a golf ball can be thrown faster. Golf balls are smaller, dense and dimpled to cut the air and fly far. An MLB pitcher could likely throw a golfball about 10mph faster than a baseball.

What is lighter than a golf ball?

A pingpong ball. There much lighter like if i throw them at my head with my shotgun it will not hurt much.

What is the highest a golf ball has ever been hit?

100 meters

Did Anyone ever get killed by a golf ball?

Yes, all the time. Read:

How is golf played and what are the basic rules of golf?

In golf you get a stick with metal on the end and try to hit a ball into a hole. You cant throw the ball or kick it (as some basic rules) and there are different clubs for different shots you need to make. Its very frustrating and i do not recommend you take it up.

What is the function of a golf ball?

to play golfPeople uses a golf ball by ....the function of a golf ball is so people can ENJOY golf & can play golf !!:) This is the function of the golf ball more details you could say in order to play golf you need a golf ball, so golf ball is an important item in GOLF !!:)

World record for golf ball throw?

The world record is 1.223.21 kilometers, And Boogs is a Legend

If you throw a ping pong ball and a golf ball with the same force which one will go the farthest Why?

The bowling ball. It has both more mass, inertia, and the least amount of wind resistence.

Did anyone ever golf on the moon?

There are famous pictures of Alan Shepard hitting a golf ball on the moon. Since the moon is a low gravity atmosphere, the ball was able to travel for miles.

Which ball bounces higher golf ball or tennis ball?

A Golf Ball

Which ball bonces higher the golf ball or the styrofoam ball?

Golf ball

What weighs more a tennis ball or a golf ball?

a golf ball weighs more than a tennis ball

What is a resort monagrammed golf ball?

It is a golf ball that has the logo of a resort/golf course printed on the ball.

Which ball bounces higher golf ball or Styrofoam?

Golf Ball