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You can do single leg squats by placing one leg back on a chair or weight bench and squat down with one leg. It works just as well as doing both legs with some weight. Good balance is needed, so be careful.

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Q: Can you do squats without weights to make your butt bigger or are weights necessary?
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What makes your but bigger?

Alot of squats using free weights.

How do you make your thighs and butt bigger without getting fat?

You could do what Coco does and does squats with stelleto heels and little weights.

What exercise targets the glutes?

Squats definitley squats. Try some with weights.

How can you get a bigger butt but not bulk up in other areas of your body?

Work out with weights. Do exercises that target the buttocks -- such as lunges and squats. Use heavy weights and less repetitions (as opposed to ligth weights and more reps).

How can you get heavier by building muscle without doing weights?

Do bodyweight exercises such as chins, push-ups, and squats. .

What type of squats should be done when trying to build a bigger butt?

You can't make your butt "bigger". You can only tone it. If you're thinking of Jessica Simpson in Dukes, she was wearing padded-butt underwear, easily available online. You can do squats with or without weights. Stand with your needs aligned over your feet and squat down until you are almost in a sitting position. Hold. Then slowly come back up. To maintain your balance without weights, put your arms in front of you as you squat. ~ T

What type of exercise will strengthen your quadriceps?

1. Walking 2. Running 3. Squats with or without added weights.

How can a 16 year old girl who is 5'1 grow a bigger buttock?

squats ,squats and more squats girl....good luck

What does squats do to your thighs?

Squats make your thighs leaner and more shapely. If you add weights however, you will add a bulkier appearance to your thighs.

How big can you butt grow?

It depends, everyone is different so once you finish growing that is your butt. If you want a bigger butt, I suggest doing full body squats with weights.

What exercise helps to get a bigger butt?


How do you reduce my increasing height if i am 5'9ft?

put weights over your head and do squats

How do you make your butt and thighs bigger but toned?

Squats & more squats. Deadlift Walking Fast Walking

Can you do squats while pregnant?

you can do free weight squat with holding a pole so that you dont stress your abdominal cavity but never try squats with weights....

How do you get a bigger butt in 1 month?

squats and lunges

What kind of exercise can you do to get a bigger butt?

squats and lunges

What are some exercises for your butt to get bigger?

Beside squats

How many squats will burn 100 calories?

depending how low and fast you go but 900 squats using 10 pound weights your loseings about 700 calories

What do you have to do in order to get a bigger butt hips and thighs?

Squats. Nothing works like squats for building up the glutes and quads. Squats. Lots of 'em. I bet if you do fifty today you'll be sore for days. And if you want quicker results, do the squats with some free weights held at shoulder height. Just do fewer reps. Heavier weight with fewer reps will add muscle mass. You'll be amazed how your butt looks in a few months.

What is the best workout without weights?

A combo of pull ups push ups and dips are the best workouts for the upper body. lunges and Tyson squats are great for lower body

How do you make you butt bigger?

Eat more and do more squats

What exercise to do for a bigger butt?

Squats, Jumping jacks, Lunges

Ways to get a bigger butt?

Squats, Jumping jacks, Lunges

How do you get a bigger butt in 1 week?

50 squats a day

What can you do to have a bigger plump butt?

Do weighted squats!! Trust me, they work!!