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yes you can compare and contrast football and Basketball.

You can find similarities and differences between any two objects in the universe, even identical twins!

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Q: Can you compare and contrast football and basketball?
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basketball is better then football!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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If you're going to contrast football you need to know what to contrast it with. You've just posted this question from school without any thought, in the hopes that some mug will answer it for you.

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The differences between basketball and football A comparison of basketball and football How basketball and football are the same and different A history of basketball and football Unless you are writing fiction or newspaper/magazine articles, the best title for your paper is a straight-forward, factual one. If you are comparing and contrasting two brands of washing powder, for example, you would title the paper some variation of "Comparing and Contrasting X to Y." You only need "catchy" titles if you are trying to sell the article to the public.

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When you can not contrast or compare.

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