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No, the king and the rook are the only pieces that can castle.

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Q: Can you castle with any other piece in chess?
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What is a castle in a board game?

A castle is a chess piece that can move any number of squares vertically or horizontally. It is also called a rook.

Can you jump a queen with a knight in chess?

Yes , the knight may jump over the queen just as it can any other chess piece - the knight may jump any chess piece .

Can any piece kill any piece in chess?

Kings are checkmated and not captured unlike other pieces. But apart from that, yes, any piece can take any other piece.

Is it only the pawn in chess that can get another piece back not any other piece?


Can a king take a non-threatening piece?

The king in chess may capture any other chess piece except the enemy king .

What is knighting in chess?

There is no such think as knighting in Chess. There is 'promotion' in which the pawn, when reaching the other end of the board, is turned into any other piece.

What will you get when pawn goes to kings place in chess?

The Pawn can then be promoted to any chess piece other than the King .

Can king capture any other chess piece during the game?

The king may capture any piece other than the king itself .

Can a pawn take anyother piece in chess?

The pawn has the power of capturing any chess piece .

What does queen piece in chess symbolize?

The queen in chess is the most powerful piece on the board. It can move any number of spaces it wants in any of the 8 directions. It can capture all other pieces.

Which chess piece represents a Camel?

The Camel is not represented by any one chess piece but there are chess pieces carved from camel bone .

Can you take queens in chess?

Yes, even the Queen, the most powerful piece on the chess board may be caprtured by any other piece, even the lowly pawn.

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