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Yes you can.

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Q: Can you bring a camera into dodger stadium?
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When was Dodger Stadium created?

Dodger Stadium was created in 1962.

What is the nickname for dodger stadium?

Dodger stadium is also known as "Chavez Ravine".

Where is dodger stadium?

Dodger Stadium is in Los Angeles, CA. On Elysian Park Ave.

How many parking spaces are there at Dodger Stadium?

there are 16000 parking spaces at dodger's stadium

What do you bring to a soccer tournament?

Money and a camera. if the stadium alows you, you can bring some food or buy from the stadium. Make sure you bring/buy water!

Where do the Dodger's play?

Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, CA

What is Chris carpenters record at dodger stadium vs dodgers?

In 4 regular season games at Dodger Stadium, Carpenter is 2-0 with two no decisions. He lost at Dodger Stadium in the 2009 postseason.

Where can you buy a dodger jersey with the red number in front?

dodger stadium

When dodger stadium was built?


Is the Los Angeles Dodgers stadium domed?

No, Dodger Stadium is not a dome.

How many gates does dodger stadium have?


When was the dodger s stadium built?