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2009-07-21 23:15:31
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Q: Can you breatsfeed without ever being pregnant?
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Is there more ways to get pregnant than having sex'?

You can get pregnant by Atificial Insemination without ever having sex.

How do you tone your arms and back while pregnant?

No one should ever start any new excerise regiment while being pregnant, without a doctor's consent/advisement. Please call him/her and discuss with them at your next pre-natal visit.

Can you have an ectopic pregnancy without your tubes ever being cut or tied?

Yes it is possible to have an etopic pregnancy without having your tubes cut or tied it is just that the egg gets fertilized in the tube without being in your uterus. It is very painful and is a simple procedure to have removed but very hard to determine when you dont know if you are pregnant or not

Has Jennette McCurdy ever been pregnant?

No she has not ever been pregnant.

Is is possible to get pregnant without ever having a period?

Yes. A period happens at the end of a fertility cycle. A girl is able to get pregnant before her first period.

What damages can taking narcotics while being pregnant have?

Yes! there are reasons you need a prescription for there pills, and they shouldn't ever be such an addiction that you need to take them while you are pregnant. No damages were ever proven to be done to your child, however, the state takes away babys that have adicts as moms...this includes babys who are born on narcotic pain releavers, without a prescription.

Can you have a broken heart without ever being in a relationship?

Yes, you can. Depending on what happened.

Is it possible to make the MLB without being on a traveling team ever?

It is possible

When did Ashley Tisdale get pregnant?

She didn't ever get pregnant!

Was lily Allen ever pregnant?

no, but she is pregnant now.

Had a dream of being pregnant?

that is the silliest question that i have ever seen on wikipedia y do u need 2 no this??? does any1 reely need 2 no this??? and 2 answer ur question... NO I HAVE NOT HAD ANY DREAMS OF BEING PREGNANT!!!! bi xxx

Did Kanya West ever win the American Idol?

no he does not sing without being mixed

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