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yes there are chances that by playing games or involving in physical activities including sex can break your hymen. hymen is basically a fragile thin layer in vagina or you can call it the opening. many girls thinks that by breaking the hymen , they had lost the virginity. its a wrong concept. many boys thinks only a sexual activity can break the hymen. it is also wrong. many girls finger during their menstrual cycle foe cleaning the vagina or for the sake of removing blood clots. there are chances while doing this they had break their hymen.

Again while playing sports like tennis , Badminton , football, riding etc that includes the continuous movement of the lower body, can break your hymen. absence of hymen is not the proof of your virginity.

if a girl has lost her hymen by playing games or fingering, she is virgin , for the boys side, the mouth of vagina is really tight of a virgin. so during an intercourse the width of the penis widened the mouth and they can feel a rapid decrease in the body temperature of their wives. the intense pain cause low blood pressure and sometimes a shock as well.

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Q: Can you break your hymen while playing badminton?
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Can a girl's hymen break while exercising?

Yes, women can break their own hymen during non-sexual activities.

What happens if you break your hymen while inserting a tampon?

If you partially or completely break your hymen while inserting a tampon, you may have some discomfort. If you are part of a culture that finds the presence or absence of a hymen significant, you could have problems. Talk with your mother if you have concerns.

What happens when hymen break while you are on periods?

If that happens, then it will have happened. That's what "happens".

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Is hymen is broken while riding the bicycle?

it can be. you can break it during pretty much anything

Breaking your hymen while horseback riding How does this happen?

I've heard that you can break your hymen by riding horses. I ride horses. Do you have to ride them all the time in order for it to break? I am so curious. Help.

Can playing tennis or doing squats and lunges break your hymen?

Many girls and tear or dilate their hymen as a result of partaking in like bicycling, horseback riding, gymnastics, inserting tampons or while masturbating. Other case is that they tear only partially.

Can your hymen break while on your period?

Not from being on your period, but it can break for things other than sex. Athletic activity is a common one.

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How do you tell if you have a hymen?

Every girl has a hymen. When you have sex for a while it get stretched and appears smaller.

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Can playing badminton break the hymen?

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