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Q: Can you block a shot standing at the back of a player in basketball?
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Was the inventor of basketball a good basketball player back in the day?


Can you block a shot standing at the back of a player?

In football (soccer) that would be a no. It is deemed a tackle from behind and a foul. A definet yellow and a pssible red card offence.

Why might a basketball player with a broken hand be yearning for his or her hand to heal quickly?

So they can get back to playing basketball.

What does box out mean in basketball?

It is the same as block out. Keeping the man you are closest to from getting down low for a rebound. Turn your back to him keep a hand on him for locating him and use your back and butt to block him away from the rim.

Can a basketball player intentionally go out of bounds and then come back in bounds on offense?


Can a player who is fouled out before overtime in basketball come back during overtime?


What is a put back in basketball?

When someone misses it, then another player "puts it back" while it is still in the air.

Is it legal in American football for a defensive player to hit an offensive player in the back?

yes, it's call clipping or block in the back

If an offensive player is in the fore court and knocks the basketball out in the back court is it out or is it a back court violation?

its a back court violation

Why does one player have a different uniform?

That player is the libero and cannot block or spike and plays at the back only.

How long does a basketball player get to dribble the ball in the back court?

In the NBA the player has 8 seconds to cross the back court. In college it's 10.

What must a player do after a ball has been scored against his team in basketball?

get back on offense

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