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yes,you can

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Q: Can you be the best player on your team and team Captain?
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Who is capatin of hockey team?

I think your question is "What is a captain for a hockey team?" if it's not then you really badly worded your question. Any way a captain is either The best player,the best motivator (not normally in the NHL),or the goalie.

Who was the first Indian player to captain an English county team?

Nassier Hussein is the first Indian player to captain an English country team.

What does an honorary captain of a sport team do?

a honorary captain is someone who doesn't belong to the team. But the team is giving thanks to that player for what he might have done for the team.

How is a sports team captain selected?

In soccer, like most other team sports, the captain is chosen by the coach, the players, or even the club. The qualities to look for in a good team captain is: leadership, enthusiasm, will to work hard, and encouraging.

Who is best player in Australian cricket team?

The Best Cricket Player In The Australian Cricket Team Is Ricky Pointing. Not Because He Is The Captain But Because Of His Batting Skills. Well If You Want To Know The Best Australian Team Bowler That Would Be Brett Lee Because He Is Awesome Fast At Bowling.

Who is the best field hockey player?

Most people say it's Teun de Nooijer, who is the Dutch Team Captain.

Who is the captain of the mens Canadian hockey team 2010?

Scott Neidermayer was the captain of the Team Canada hockey team because he was the most experienced player on that team.

Which team player is responsible for a toss in a netball game?

No particular team player is responsible for the toss, but the captain of the netball team

Who is Ms.Don?

Ms Dhoni is the captain of Indian Cricket team .He is the world best captain.

What is the name of the best receiver the football team?

The captain

What is the name of the best receiver on the football team?

The captain

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