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no, u can't

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Q: Can you be offsides on your own half of the field?
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Is a player offsides in soccer if he is on his side of the playing field?

You cannot be in an offside position in your own half.

When is a player in offsides position in field hockey?

There is no offside in field hockey.

Can you be offsides on your own half in soccer?

A player on their own half of the field cannot be in an offside position, and therefore, cannot be called offside. However, this determination is made at the moment the ball was last played by a teammate. This means that a teammate can pass the ball forward, and a player who is in an offside position can cross back to their own half and collect the ball, and will be called offside. The location of the restart will be the player's position when the teammate played the ball, i.e. on the other half of the field. This is known as an "over and back" offside call. This type of call is fairly uncommon, particularly near midfield, but it can and does happen, especially at youth levels.

What is offsides lacrosse?

A lacrosse team must have a minimum of three players, plus the goalie, on their defensive half of the field at all times. Sometimes, a defenseman will carry the ball across midfield and into the offensive zone. If another player, usually a midfielder, does not take his place by remaining in the defensive zone, then offsides will be called.

Who has the most offsides in the premiership?

adebayor 67 offsides

Is there offsides in rugby?

there is offsides in rugby just tell you weird people

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What is offsides in NBA?

there is no such thing

What is offsides in croquet?


How does field hockey start?

Field hockey starts each half and restarts after any goal with a centrepass. This is a free hit from the centre of the field, with all players except the person taking it inside their own half until the ball is played.

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