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No, the Gyphon does not have an adjustable trigger

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Q: Can you adjust the trigger on a Tippmann Gryphon?
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Can you put a response trigger in a tippmann gryphon?

No. None of the kits will fit.

Does the tippmann gryphon powerback paintball gun use the same barrels as the tippmann 98 custom?

I believe it is a5/x7 threaded.

Will a tippmann double trigger system fit onto a tippmann X7 E- grip?

Yes, and in fact there is an E-trigger addition that comes with a double trigger.

Can you take off a double trigger from a Tippmann 98 custom and put it on a Tippmann A-5?

No. The trigger assembly for the a5 is set up very different from the 98 custom.

Do you need a e-trigger to put a board on a paintball gun?

An E-trigger is the Tippmann Board, not an actual trigger.

What are the most populare tippmann a-5 modifications?

a new trigger

Will tippmann e trigger fit on a bt4 paintball gun?


Does the e trigger fit the spyder pilot?

No, the E-Trigger only fits the Tippmann they're designed for.

Will an electronic Trigger Frame for Tippmann A-5 go on a bt 4 combat?


Which is better spyder victor or tippmann gryphon?

The Gryphon has nicer features, like an asa on the grip. However if you plan on playing for more than a few months, you should buy a marker at least in the 100 dollar range if you want it to last.

Can a tippmann x7 response trigger work on a bt omega 2012 version?

No, it will not fit.

Can you put a double trigger on a basic Tippmann A5?

Yes, just simply buy a double trigger and double trigger guard, open up your marker, remove and replace the old trigger and trigger guard.