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Of course our number 1 top player is Datuk Lee Chong Wei our be love Badminton player of Malaysia.. Saying thanks to him is most

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Q: Can you Give me list of top players of badminton in world?
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What are the facilities of badminton?

The facilities of badminton are the places where badminton is played. If you do a Google search using 'facilities of badminton' and the town you are in you might be able to find a list of them near you.

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Can someone give me a list of African American football players years 1965-1966. I would like to know if someone can tell me if Fred Freeman.

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i want to know who are the muslim players playing in europe

When was badminton invented?

In India during the 18th Century.Invention of Badminton - In China?The Invention of Badminton was claimed by some parties to have happened in China during the 5th century BC originated from a game called 'Ti Jian Zi'.This claim is disputable as 'Ti Jian Zi' is actually a game which you are suppose to use your feet and not a racket to hit the shuttle.But since it is the first game to use a shuttlecock, I will give them due credit... Somehow I wonder if this has contributed to players from China being the powerhouse in World Badminton today. Just a thought...Since I have a more detailed page here, I am just going to list down a few must know to better understand Badminton.- The Badminton Game was first played in a place called Badminton, England.- The IBF (International Badminton Federation) is the official body of World Badminton.- Thomas Cup (men) and Uber Cup (women) are the most prestigious team event in World Badminton held every two years.- The World Championship is the most prestigious individual event in World Badminton held every year.Whether or not we can trace the true origin of the invention of badminton is not really important. The important thing is that you enjoy playing this game.

Where to play badminton in Perth?

Some club listings from: BAWA: Joondalup Council: Social sessions: Satellite Badminton Club blog post: Or hook up with other players:

List of all sports in the world?

bull riding football rugby tennis baseball badminton skiing boxing hockey golf...

The list of the top 10 richest soccer players in the world?

Just look at the Best Soccer players in the world they basically get paid the most So theres your answer.

What are a list of terminology words related to badminton?

backhandbaselinecarrydrop shotforehandgamekillmatchpassing shotrallyservesmash

Is there a list of English born players in premeirship?

It is possible that someone somewhere has compiled a list of English players.

Which country has badminton as the national game?

Countries in east and south-east Asia are well-known for dominating the sport, especially the likes of China and Indonesia, who consistently win the Olympic Games for badminton, the Thomas and Uber Cups Tournament and the All England Championship. The sport may not be the most important game in China as the Chinese excel in many other sports as well. However, in countries like Indonesia and Malaysia, badminton can be regarded as the unofficial national sports since this is the only sport that the two countries really excel in at the international level and pin their Olympic medal hopes almost exclusively on this sport. Chinese, Indonesian, Malaysian and Danish badminton players (both male and female) regularly feature on the top ten list of the best badminton players in the world.

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I dont konw all of them but i know 2 Nicky Butt Steven Gerrard

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Here is a list of Sports players official myspace pages: There are some NFL players on the list.

In baseball what is the injured players list called?

The DL or Disabled List.

Where would badminton rank on the most popular sports list?

Badminton ranks on the number 22nd position in the most popular sports list.Badminton is the world's fastest racket sport with the speed of the shuttlecock reaching almost 200mph. This sport is not recognized in the US with most Americans thinking it is just a backyard bbq thing. This is how badminton got the bad reputation in the US.

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a weapon used in the war

How many players are there on the starting line up of a rugby world cup team?

Normally the coach will be expected to list some 31 players and have a reserve pool to cover issues of injury

List the characteristics of a good leader in badminton?

One of the characteristics of a good leader in badminton should have is patience. A good leader should also have an excellent understanding of the game, and good communication skills.

What is DL in baseball?

Disabled List. This is a list for injured players. Players can be placed on either the 15 or 60 day DL, depending on the severity of the injury.

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