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Possibly but you have to dry it so youre thing is not wet

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Q: Can wrestling singlets be used as swimwear?
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What equipment is needed for high school wrestling?

There really isn't any "equipment" required but a nice pair of wrestling shoes will be useful and wrestling singlets are used in a match (your school should provide the singlets for you though). Other then that, there's nothing else as far as I know.

What are some of the most popular manufacturers of wrestling singlets?

Brute Wrestling, Sunflower Wrestling, Custom Singlets, Worldwide Sport Supply, Blue Chip Wrestling, and TakeDown Sportswear all are some of the most popular wrestling singlet manufacturers.

What is the difference between boys wrestling singlet and girls?

The fabric on boys wrestling singlets are generally cut lower under the arms and on chest than girls singlets.

Does under armor make wrestling singlets?

Yes, check out University of Maryland's singlets, can't find them for sale yet.

Can you wear a school wrestling singlet out of season?

The wearing of school wrestling season singlets out of season is up to both your coach, booster club and even the state, there are many strict rules for things like this, i know that in my school im not allowed to where season singlets provided by the school in my off season wrestling, i suggest you ask your coach for an old school singlet, which is what i did and i wrestle in that.

What are wrestlers outfits called?

They are called singlets.

Why is speedo fastskin used in swimwear?

because it has high technology swimwear fabrics which makes you swim faster.

Why has swimwear changed so much over the years?

because the swimwear has changed it used to be wool now it is lycra.

If there are books on pro wrestling gear Preferably one on making the gear but if not any book on just the gear costumes outfits will do?

You must be refering to wwe or that crap and if your talking about Olympic style wrestling or highschool style no there are no books everyone just buys there singlets, headgear, and shoes.

What new zealand sports team is called Black Singlets?

The NZ rowing team are called the 'Black Singlets'

Why are running singlets beneficial?

For running long distances it is better to wear running singlets rather than an ordinary tank top because the singlets allow for more air circulation and less chance of over heating.

Are there any good stores in Washington DC or New York City that sell wrestling singlets and wrestling shoes without considering the online ones?

well you don't have to go to a good store for a singlet and shoes. I say get them cheap because it will last just as long. hell find it of the street if you have to.