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I think it depends on what type of volleyball you are playing, but according to the NCAA, Federation of International Volleyball and USA rules, it states that you may contact the ball with any part of your body. So technically, you can kick the ball in volleyball. You need adobe and the answer is on page 71.

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Q: Can we kick the ball in volleyball?
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Can you kick the ball over the net in volleyball?

No. You cannot kick the ball anywhere throughout a volleyball game.

What is the name of the sport that involves kicking a ball that resembles a volleyball?

Sepak Takraw (a.k.a. kick volleyball)

Compare and contrast soccer and volleyball?

compare- they only have two teams playing at once. contrast- volleyball use your hands to hit the ball and soccer you kick the ball

How far can you kick a volleyball?

u bump set spike and serve a volleyball, not kick it.

What is the 4 ways to kick a volleyball?

Don't kick a volleyball. It will get a bump in it and most likely pop.

What are the rules and regulations of volleyball game?

you cant kick the ball you have to do it witha clean serve andd more lol

Can you kick a volleyball in a real game?

Yes, it has recently become legal to use any part of the body to hit the ball, which can include kicking. It is extremely rare to see a person kick the ball though.

Does it take more skill to play soccer or to play volleyball?

I think Volleyball, but thats just my opinon! Its easier to kick a ball where you want it to go, but controling the ball when passing, setting, and spiking is much harder. Also in Volleyball you must perfect you serve. Hope that helps!

What is matball?

mat ball is just like kick ball but you have to go around the bases twice and if the ball hits theceiling you are out you play the game with a volleyball and you are only allowed two fowls

What happens if the volleyball hits the line in volleyball is it out or in?

If a volleyball hits the line in volleyball, the ball is considered to be in (any part of the ball).

New rules in volleyball?

You can hit the net on a serve or hit and have it go over and it is still valid. You can kick the ball if it hits your feet.

Why do you need coordination in volleyball?

Due to the introvertical side of the game you need coordination to be able to kick the ball hard into the air. Digging or passing the ball is essential in volleyball and in order to pass the ball you need to have good coordination. In other words you can't be tight, you need to be loose.

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