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I Think yes because he is also at wrestlemania 27 axxess

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Q: Can undertaker come at WrestleMania 27 while he is buried alive?
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Who one the undertaker and triple h streak fight in wrestlemania 27th?

Undertaker won, but at the end I think he went into another of his "vegetative" states. So it'll probably be a while again before we hear from him. like... wrestlemania 28 when he gets to 20 wins and retires/gets buried.

Did the under got buried alive by mistake?

No Kane knocked it over while Undertaker was in the hole. Hope that helped :}

What was the personal rift between Undertaker and Vince McMahon?

Undertaker and vince went at it for a while for a bunch of different reasons. on wwe/f they said it was because undertaker didnt feel dependent and like that vince was ruling him. the real reason was that undertaker had a series of injuries and needed a break.Answeryes there was due to a match which was undertaker vs vince in a buried alive match and during that match Kane interfeared making his brother buried alive and boasting about the next day

Where is the undertaker since WrestleMania 25?

He took a break for a while to heal up as did Shawn Micheals, At Summer Slam 2009 both superstars returned

Is the undertaker coming back at all after WrestleMania?

He most likely will. He usually is absent for a while then comes back a few months later with a big coeback.

When undertaker return to WWE?

A while back ago Kane beat undertaker in a buried alive match and he went on to the royal rumble to win but undertaker's theme song came on and distracted Kane and some one sq Kane and the later coming month more and more sings of undertakers return were coming up and they would meet at wrestlemaina to fight undertaker won I will repeat aging look for sings near the royalrumble

What Just Happen To The Undertaker?

After defeating and retiring Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 26, The Undertaker was gone for a while. But now he will wrestle more often on Friday Night Smackdown. You can watch "Smackdown" on my13 on Friday nights at 8:00 pm

Who is better undertaker or Triple H?

Well it's hard to say. This is because both of them have won many championships. While Undertaker has been around longer, Tripple H has been around a while. But if you really want to know, watch Wrestlemania 27 to find out. The streak might go to 19-0, or it will be broken.

Who will beat undertaker beat WrestleMania?

Triple H will because in 2011 he is better than ever so he could pedigree him lots of times so that he could win. Or HBK will come in while Triple H is distracting the ref and HBK hits Undertaker With Sweet Chin Music. than Triple H hits Undertaker with a pedigree and wins.

When will undertaker return after Bragging Rights?

yes he will return to wwei am wwe general managerHe wont be back for a while as hes injured, but the news is at Wrestlemania it will be Kane Vs. Undertaker, and Kane will win as Undertaker wants to retire now that hes married to Michelle McCool, and the only person he wants to retire him is his "brother" Kane.

History of Kane and undertaker?

Kane and undertaker are brothers, and they've always hated each other. they've competed in inferno matches, burried alive matches, and casket matches. Kane has always seemed to have gotten rid of undertaker, but the undertaker always seems to "return from the dead". it's been a while since taker and Kane have been in the same ring. (as of may 2012) but don't expect that to last long ;)

Did undertaker die while practiceing with jhoncena?

No, the Undertaker didn't die. I do not understand why people keep asking this.

Will WWE undertaker retire?

Yes, but not for a while

How many theme songs has the undertaker had?

The Undertaker has had a total of 12 theme songs while working in the WWE/F.

How does the princess have the prince and aida die in aida?

Amneris has Radames and Aida buried alive. The rules stated that they should be buried seporately, but Amneris allowed them to be buried together.2nd answer:The priests condemn Radames to be buried alive. Amneris doesn't want this, and curses them. Radames is buried under the temple. Aida sneaked in before the tomb was sealed and they die together, while above them the priests chant to their god and Amneris weeps and prays for "Peace" on the top of the tomb, not knowing Aida and Radames are together forever.

What is wrong with Kane?

There is nothing wrong with the man who PLAYS Kane (Glen Jacobs) the character Kane is demented. his past haunts him, his storyline brother Undertaker set fire to their family home killing their parents and "scaring" Kane, though Kane isn't visably scared i believe the scaring means mentally scared. Undertaker believing his brother was dead, went to live with his Uncle, Paul Bearer, who ran a funeral home. after coming to the WWF, Paul found Undertakers brother Kane, who was indeed alive, but insane. Kane reveled in pain, misery and suffering. he likes hurting people. Paul Bearer turned on Undertaker and brought Kane to destroy him Kane burnt their "parents" coffins on the stage, which lead to a fued. much later in their careers when Kane had unmasked he buried his brother alive in a "buried alive match" which Undertaker was fighting Vince McMahoin in, Undertaker returned at wrestlemanai 20 to fight Kane. Glen Jacobs, before being Kane, played Jerry Lawlers "dentist" Issac Yankem (you cant make this stuff up) who faught Bret Hart while Jerry was in a small cage feet above the ring.

Does Gwen forgive Trent for leaving her buried alive?

Yeah. In Phobia Factor Trent RUNS away from Gwen while he PROMISED Gwen he would stay with her, OVER A MIMER!

When did Dwayne Johnson get a matai?

If I remember correctly, in a documentary about WrestleMania 19 it was shown when he got it a while before his match. WrestleMania 19 was in 2003 so that's when.

Is their 2 The Undertakers?

well in Undertaker's earlier years Undertaker was put in a coffin and wasn't seen for a long time. Finally some guy pretending to be Undertaker came to WWE, but he wasn't the Undertaker. the real Undertaker finally showed up and faced the fake Undertaker, or "Underfaker" at a PPV and defeated him while doing 3 Tombstone Pile Drivers.

Which WrestleMania's did Ultimate Warrior appear in?

The Ultimate Warrior appeared at the following WrestleMania's:WrestleMania IV; he wrestled and defeated Hercules.WrestleMania V; he was defeated by Rick Rude.WrestleMania VI; he defeated Hulk Hogan and became WWF Champion, while still WWF Intercontinental Champion.WrestleMania VII; he defeated Randy Savage.WrestleMania XII; he defeated Hunter Hearst Helmsley.

What was the status of women in the early centuries before Ilam?

very bad. they buried a female baby under soil while she was alive and women was not respected and was like a tool and property of men.

Where were the workers and their families buried while building pyramids?

as far as i know...(well I'm 12 yrs. old and we're studying mummies!) Pharaohs,princes,princesses is already preparing and building their pyramids while they are still alive. (for preparation)

Im hearing that the undertaker died while practicing with john cena?

No, nothing has happened to the Undertaker. I don't know where you heard that, but it's BS.

Is undertaker going return after losing to Kane?

Yes but not for a while.

What does it mean when you dream of lying in a cold grave and watching yourself be buried alive?

This dream is a metaphor representing some situation in the dreamer's real life. The "grave" might be a "dead-end" job, while being "buried alive" suggests being overwhelmed (buried) in work. In this example, the dream would reflect the dreamer's feelings about meaningless work without any sign of future relief or advancement. Another possible interpretation might take "cold" as referring to lack of affection. In this example, the dream might reflect a relationship without "warmth" where the dreamer feels forgotten (buried.)