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No, only one player is supposed to hit at a time.

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Q: Can two golf balls be hit off the fairway at the same time?
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How many balls can a pro golfer carry in his bag?

What clubs are suggested to carry in a golf bag

Why does difrint size balls land at the same time?

It depends if you thrown two balls at the same time they ill land at the same time if you don't then no

If a golf ball and a bowling ball are rolled toward each other when they collide and the bowling ball stops how does the golf balls speed compare with the bowling balls speed?

the golf ball stopped but the bowling ball keep rolling due to their different size and we know bowling ball is bigger in size as well as weight so it will face more fictin force and stops early as compare to golf ball when they collide and at the same time bowling ball poshes the golf ball the golf ball stops and the golf ball keeps rolling.

Two balls of different masses are thrown vertically up from the same point and at the same time The two balls will experience the same change in?

Two balls of different masses are thrown vertically up from the same point and at the same time. The two balls will experience the same change in :there velocity.

What is the best golf ball for spin?

The best golf balls for spin are essentially any of the premium golf balls on the market. These would include the Titleist pro v 1 and Taylormade TP etc. Some balls claim to be spin but some of the time they are not great for spin. If you have clean grooves and hit a clean compressed strike on the golf ball you will be get it to spin easily. Prov1 balls are good but Callaway Tour i and tour ix spin slightly more than prov1s the down side to this is the cover shreds very quickley

What are the odds of two golf balls colliding in the air?

So slim that it is nearly impossible, considering two balls should never be in the air at the same time on one hole. From holes going in different directions, it is slightly more likely, but still nearly impossible. The greatest chance would be if you tried to do it, but you could be there for some time.

Will a bowling ball or a golf ball hit the ground first the same speed?

a golf ball obviously...

What is the cheapest golf ball on the market?

When I was on holiday is France about 5 years ago, I saw a dozen brand new golf balls for €4 which was about £2.50 at the time. I can only imagine how bad they were. Balls like Top Flite and Dunlop are very cheap, but they are cheap for a reason. Still ideal for practice though.

Will different weight balls hit the ground at the same time?


Do golf balls go bad over time?

Yes, they can become dead, this is where the microscopic pores on the casing absorb water and ruin the core. The balls may be saturated on one side. If you putt with one of these balls, you will notice they trail off to one side.

What is the Limit of golf balls to start round of golf?

as many as your feel it can handle. i personaly change my golf ball everytime but sometimes it can be used for many rounds. most of the time it gets scratches and drit which can effect the spin and compression though. so i would suggest your use one golf ball per round

What colour is a golf ball?

The majority of golf balls are white, but there are some yellow balls which are for evening play and are used by seniors. Paula Creamer sometimes uses a pink ball.