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At the same time or not, yes. This has been tested and proven.

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Q: Can two NBA basketballs go through a rim?
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Can two official size NBA basketballs fit through an regulation rim at the same time?

The inside diameter of a regulation rim is 18 inches. A regulation NBA basketball is between 29 1/2 to 29 7/8 inches in circumference, equating to a diameter of 9.39 to 9.51 inches, or an average of 9.45 inches. Now is where simple math will tell you that they won't fit, but both are able to compress over 1/2 inch each with minimal force, leaving you with a tightly fitting yet extremely possible attempt at making two basketballs at the same time. Conversely, you can take two basketballs placed side by side and place them on the top cylinder of the rim and make them not go through.

What is the diameter of a basketball rim versus the circumference of the basketball?

Two basketballs can fit in the hoop so the ball is half the size of the rim

Can two balls fit in a rim at the same time?

== == == == Contrary to popular opinion, it is proven true that two men's regulation size basketballs can fit in a rim at the same time. Although many people have suggested this to be false, this has been proven possible a few times.

Can two basketballs fit through one rim?

I don't pretend to have all the answers, but during my days of learning fundamentals, we were taught/showed numerous times, (during B'ball camp) Coach Stan Kelner's program called the Cybernetics of B'ball, which it was repeatedly stated, in fact, that was how they determined the size of the 'basket'...but putting two balls aside each other. The "nominal" diameter of a standard basketball is 9 inches. Therefore, "forcing" is not needed, the weight of the balls themselves allows them to pass through, but again, are they new, old, cold, hot, wet, dry? Too many questions to waste time arguing.yes actually it can. my teacher even tried it and it worked. so HAHAH yerr wrong!!!thanksbyeeYou're teacher "trying" it doesn't fully answer the question. The circumference of a basketball is 29-30 inches, making the diameter 9.39-9.55 inches. The inside diameter of a basketball rim is 18".Thus, your teacher could force the balls through, but they would not fit on their own.

Can you give me an example of allusion in sports?

A basket ball looks like it barely fits through the goal when in fact two basketballs side by side will fit through the goal.

What to do when someone says you dont have balls?

Chuck two basketballs at their head.

What is the official height of an NBA rim?

about one or two inches wide

What basketball copany makes the best balls?

spalding. I have two spalding basketballs

Does a 2055016 fit a 2056015 rim?

No. Last two digits are the rim size. A 15" rim certainly cannot fit on a 16" tire and vice-versa.

Is using two rim strips or two rolls of rim tape better than just using one Im wondering if it would have more cushion and give me a less likely chance of getting a flat tire?

two rim strips would be awesome.

Will a 16575R15 tire fit on a rim that had a 13575R15 tire on it?

No, unfortunately, the rim will not fit that tire. This is because these two tires require different sized rims. One of these needs a?æ16-inch rim while the other needs a 14 inch rim.

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