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Not if the balls are side by side but they can be on top of one another.

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Q: Can three basketballs fit in a basketball goal at once?
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Can you fit 2 basketballs in the rim at once?

No, but you can get two (or more piled up) in the net at once.

Where can you buy basketball toys?

You can buy basketballs at any sporting good stores. Dunhams is a great start. Even grocery stores such as Walmart and Target have small sporting sections with basketballs available. If you are looking for a decent hoop, once again most sporting good stores will carry a few.

Can two men's basketballs fit through the rim at the same time?

no, two mens basketballs cannot fit throug the hoop at once. two girls regulation basketballs, however, can fit through the rim at the same time

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Can the basketball go over the goal and roll back in when playing?

no it can not. once it hits or goes over the top of the backboard it is officially out of bounds and its the other teams ball

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What happens when too many players foul out in a basketball game?

at first the team plays with four but once they get down to three they have to fore fit

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yes there are five players on a court at once in basketball

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There is no 7th position in basketball. There are only 5 people on the court at once.

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