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Rule 8.05 makes it clear that only a pitcher's actions can result in a balk.

Rule 4.03 states that all fielders -- not just the first baseman -- must have both feet in fair territory at the start of the pitch, but penalties are not specified in this rule. An umpire could issue a warning, an ejection, maybe even call a balk if the pitcher made a pitch with a fielder there. But it would STILL be a balk on the pitcher.

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Q: Can the third baseman be called for a balk like the first baseman?
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What is the penalty if a third baseman is not in fair territory when the pitcher delivers the ball to the batter?

It is a balk. Same for the first baseman.

Can a first baseman be called for a balk?

Yes if he there is a runner on first and the first baseman has his foot is across foul line .

Can a bulk if third or first base man are in foul territory?

I'm going to answer the question, "Can a bAlk be called if either the first or the third baseman are in foul territory?" as well as "Can a balk be called if the runner on first or on third base are in foul territory?" A balk is called whenever the pitcher makes an illegal throw or pitch. Basically, if a pitcher moves his front foot toward a base (including home plate), it must be that base that the pitcher throws the ball towards. The location of the either the runner or the fielder is completely irrelevant to whether or not the pitcher committed a balk.

Is a first baseman in play if he has one foot in the field of play and one foot in foul territory?

If a first baseman has one foot in bound and one foot out of bound that is known as a fielders balk..runners can advance one base if this occurs and called on

If you have a runner on first base and a runner on third base can the pitcher fake throw to first and then throw to third?

Yes. But he has to be careful not to balk.

Is it a balk if pitcher steps to third base then throws to second base?

If a balk was called it would be called on his move to 3rd, not the move to 2nd in this situation. Balks are called on first movement, so as long as he did everything properly "stepping to 3rd", then he can throw to wherever he wants

Is it a balk if third baseman is holding a runner on in foul territory while pitcher throws to the plate?

Yes, it is a balk if any defensive player positions himself in foul territory. This call is often missed by umpires so you may need to remind them of the rule and penalty.

Is it a balk when the picture throws to first base without the first baseman in position i.e. straddling first base. During a recent game the ump ruled it a balk because 1st baseman was not in pos.?

Yes. If there is a runner at first base and the first baseman is not stationed at the base, should the pitcher throw the ball to the first baseman in a pickoff attempt there is no way the runner could be putout since the runner must be tagged to be putout on a pickoff attempt. There is no specific rule in the MLB rule book that covers calling a balk when a pitcher throws to first base in a pickoff attempt with the first baseman not stationed at the base. However ... Rule 8.02(c) states that a pitcher shall not "Intentionally delay the game by throwing the ball to players, other than the catcher, when the batter is in position, except in an attempt to retire a runner". The penalty for this is a warning for the first offense and ejection for any subsequent offense. And there is Rule 8.05(h) which states that a balk shall be called if "the pitcher unnecessarily delays the game". The pitcher attempted the pickoff, in all probability, not intentionally but due to miscommunication between him and the first baseman. Therefore, Rule 8.02(c) would not apply because the delay was not intentional but Rule 8.05(h) would apply because the delay was unnecessary.

Could a balk be called without runners on base?

A balk can only be called when there are runners on base.

Can a balk be called on the catcher in baseball?

One Answer:A balk can only be called on the pitcher. A balk is when a pitcher interrupts the pitching motion. Another Answer:In addition to the usual and commonly known reasons for a balk, here are a few others: Rule 4.03 - If, during an intentional walk, the catcher steps out of the catcher's box before the ball leaves the pitcher's hand, it is a balk. All other players must be in fair territory (for example, if a first or third baseman is straddling the bag holding a runner on, both feet must be in fair territory) at the time the ball leaves the pitcher's hand, or it is a balk.Rule 7.07 - If a runner is trying to score from 3rd base by a steal or squeeze play and a fielder or the catcher touches the batter or the batter's bat, or steps on home plate or in front of home plate without the ball, it is a balk (charged against the pitcher).

Can a balk be called on the catcher?


With runners on base a balk is called does the batter get a ball called?

No. A balk only affects base runners. Each base runner gets to advance one base when a balk is called.

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